The 12 scams of Christmas

One in four Brits has fallen victim to a scam, with Christmas being the prime time for fraudsters to trap consumers. Most victims fall foul to scams online, with fraudsters using social media and fake emails to offer fake bargains. But just how can you protect your spending this Christmas?

Consumer expert Alice Beer gave her must-know tips for avoiding the scams on ITV’s This Morning, yesterday.

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  1. Online shopping
  2. Social media scams
  3. E-cards
  4. Fake emails
  5. Fake delivery notification
  6. Charities
  7. Auction fraud
  8. Fake goods
  9. Mobile phone safety
  10. Ticketing fraud
  11. Fake gift cards/coupons
  12. Secret Santa scams

ITV 30 November 2016

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