South Kent College, Jemmett Road, TN23 4RJ – decided

Reserved Matters application for the development of 160 dwellings together with access roads, footpaths, drainage, associated car/bicycle parking provision, groundworks, landscaping, open space and infrastructure (pursuant to outline approval 11/00405/AS)


Decided: Approve Details (Reserved Matters)

Download South Ashford Community Forum’s comments on this application.

Original application

11/00405/AS Demolition of existing buildings and construction of up to 241 dwellings and associated access and landscaping; posted on 10 December 2016



  1. John Stone


    Given the South Ashford Community Forum response which puts forwards a number of complaints regarding this development, how is the forum going to convey this to the council members within the democratic process? Further, will this be discussed at the public meeting next week on the 17th of May AT 7pm in the civic center?

    With very kind regards

    John Stone

    1. Bob Shrubb (Post author)

      The comments we have made have been submitted to the Council for consideration, however, we have asked to address the Planning Committee on Wednesday and will reiterate those comments.

      Do be aware that members of the public and community organisations can take no part in the debate. It is normal for a planning officer to respond to issues raised by members of the public but then it is the committee members who select the issues they wish to discuss.

      Our comments include issues relating to traffic and parking. We are aware that the outline application included a transport assessment that concluded that the development would not have a negative impact and has been permitted on that basis. ABC may be unable to reject the application on grounds related to traffic and parking or apply any further conditions related to them.

  2. Bob Shrubb (Post author)

    Amended to reflect decision

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