Former Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd, Victoria Crescent, TN23 7HP – decided

Discharge condition 7


Decided: Permit

Original Application

16/00986/AS Former Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd, Victoria Crescent, TN23 7HP Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 28 flats with car parking, access and associated landscaping 6 July 2016


  1. Prior to development commencing, a construction management plan shall be
    submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority which

    1. the location of the proposed site compound;
    2. the route of construction delivery vehicles to and from the site via George Street from the local highway network only and associated measures to be put in place to ensure that deliveries are in accordance with that route;
    3. details of site parking for site personnel and any visitors during construction
    4. details of access points, loading / unloading and turning areas for all construction traffic
    5. details of proposed dust suppression, odour suppression and vapour suppression methods
    6. details of proposed surrounding fencing / hoardings to any compounds
    7. details of proposed structures to be located within compounds and any proposed lighting (including measures to limit light spillage to the public highway and to nearby residents)
    8. details of any plant, equipment and machinery to be installed as part of the compound including details of hours of operation and noise during operation
    9. a Scheme of Minimum Environmental Requirements for Demolition & Construction (SMERFDC)
    10. hours of construction
    11. details of facilities by which vehicles will have their wheels, chassis and bodywork effectively cleaned and washed free of mud and similar substances at the application site;
    12. liaison with local residents

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