106 Beaver Road, TN23 7ST – decided

Change of use of dwelling house to large HMO together with parking to rear access


Decided: Withdrawn by applicant


  1. Chris ottley

    These old Victorian houses should be sold to family’s instead of being turned into bed sits !!! I live on beaver rd and have seen it slowly go down hill on the last couple of years due to houses being turns into bed sits . There is anti sociable behaviour even on thee day and also no parking for us long term residents !!! Can u please put a stop to these so called bed sits now . There should be a law on this !! Just emagine the poor people who have to live next door to all these people it’s a disgrace !!!!

    1. Bob Shrubb (Post author)

      There is no way of restricting who properties are sold to. Many of the Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in the area are classed as Small HMOs (Planning use class C4). Under current regulations conversion from a dwelling (Class C3) to Class C4 does not require planning permission. This proposal is for a Large HMO and does require planning permission. South Ashford Community Forum have submitted a comment on this application. It can be viewed from the Publications page

  2. Bob Shrubb (Post author)

    Amended to reflect decision

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