Quit using medicines

From nicotine replacement therapies – like patches, gum and inhalers – to prescription tablets, there are loads of options to help with cravings.

Some people find the nicotine cravings hard to handle when they stop smoking. But don’t worry, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products – such as patches, gum and lozenges – or prescription tablets can help you manage these cravings.

NRT products replace some of the nicotine you get from cigarettes without all the harmful elements, such as tar and carbon monoxide. They have been used by millions of smokers to help them quit and can double your chances of stopping smoking successfully. These products can be bought over the counter or you can get them on NHS prescription.

There are also nicotine-free stop smoking medicines, available on NHS prescription.

What should I choose?

Different types of stop smoking medicines work better for different people.

Speak to your GP, pharmacist, find out more on the Smokefree website, or

Contact Local stop smoking services for free advice and support
By telephone on 0300 123 1220,
fill in an online form,
text ‘quit’ to 87023,
or call at the One You Shop in Park Mall Ashford


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