South Kent College, Jemmett Road, TN23 4RJ – decided

Discharge condition 11


Decided: Permit

Original Application


Demolition of existing buildings and construction of up to 241 dwellings and associated access and landscaping

posted on 10 December 2016.


  1. 11 No development shall take place until full details of both hard and soft landscape works have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning
    Authority and these works shall be carried out as approved. These details shall include proposed finished levels or contours; means of enclosure; car parking
    layouts and proposed final finish; other vehicle and pedestrian access and circulation areas; hard surfacing materials; minor artifacts and structures (e.g. furniture, play equipment, refuse or other storage units, signs, lighting etc); proposed and existing functional services above and below ground for this site and to serve the Ashford South School site (e.g. drainage power, communications cables, pipelines etc indicating lines, manholes, supports etc); retained historic landscape features and proposals for restoration, where relevant.

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  1. Bob Shrubb (Post author)

    Amended to reflect decision

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