Former Pledges Mill and South Kent College Site, Victoria Road – decided

Discharge of condition 24


Decided: Permit

Original Application

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16/01167/AS Former Pledges Mill and South Kent College Site and land south of junction of Beaver Road and, Victoria Road, Ashford, Kent Full planning application for a superstore (Use Class A1) with associated parking, substation, landscaping and access work. 10 August 2016


  1. No development (except for the substation) shall commence until plans and particulars of a sustainable drainage system (including the details below) for the disposal of the site’s surface water have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The submitted system shall comprise retention or storage of the surface water on-site or within the immediate area in a way which is appropriate to the site’s location, topography, hydrogeology and hydrology.The submitted system shall be designed to
    1. avoid any increase in flood risk,
    2. avoid any adverse impact on water quality,
    3. achieve a reduction in the run-off rate in accordance with the Ashford Borough Council Sustainable Drainage SPD document, adopted October 2010.
    4. operate both during construction of the development and post-completion.

    The submitted details shall include identification of the proposed discharge points from the system, a timetable for provision of the system and arrangements for future maintenance (in particular the type and frequency of maintenance and responsibility for maintenance). The approved system shall be provided in accordance with the approved timetable. The approved system shall be maintained in accordance with the approved details and shall be retained in working order until such time as the development ceases to be in use. If the proposed surface water discharge point is to be the existing public sewer the applicant must provide written confirmation from Southern Water of their agreement to the proposals.

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