Land South West adjoining 40, Boxley – decided

Discharge of condition 7, Part discharge of condition 10


Decided: Permit

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16/01245/AS Construction of two 3 bedroom semi-detached houses plus ancillary parking of nine spaces 20 August 2016
7 The vehicle parking spaces, shown on drawing number 16.141-05 shall be provided, surfaced and drained in accordance with details previously submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority before the use is commenced or the premises occupied, and shall be retained available for use thereafter. No permanent development, whether or not permitted by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (or any Order revoking and re-enacting that Order), shall be carried out on that area of land so shown or in such a position as to preclude vehicular access to the reserved parking, bicycle and refuse facilities.
10 Prior to the commencement of development, A detailed remediation scheme to ensure that the site is suitable for the intended use (by removing unacceptable risks to human health, buildings and other property and the natural and historical  environment) must be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority The scheme must describe all the relevant works to be undertaken including, the proposed remediation objectives and performance criteria, a schedule of works and site management protocols.

The scheme must deliver a site that will not qualify as ‘contaminated land’ under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, having regard to the intended use of the land after remediation.

The approved scheme shall thereafter be carried out in accordance with its approved terms, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The Local Planning Authority must be notified at least two weeks prior to commencement of the remediation scheme works.

Following completion of the remediation scheme, a verification report that demonstrates the effectiveness of the remediation carried out must be prepared and submitted for approval in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


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