A28 scheme wood recycling

The Public Liaison Officer for the A28 Chart Road widening scheme is collating a list of interested parties that can utilise some of the wood available when work is started on the site clearance of 39 trees. To date over 40 organisations and individuals have expressed an interest in recycling the wood. The uses they have specified are very diverse and include a variety of woodland, artistic and construction projects, Tree species include oak, ash, sycamore horse chestnut, lime, elm and hawthorn some of which are ideal for sculpture and turning projects.

People must be able to collect the wood from a storage area being organised in Ashford during a specified one week window – probably towards the end of February or early March. As this forms part of community project for Ashford  KCC would like to track what happens to the wood.  So they are asking that anyone proposing to utilise any of the wood stays in touch and hopefully send some pictures of what has been made. As part of this project KCC are also hoping to raise money for a worthy local cause and would ask that if wood is taken a small donation is made to this cause. Details of the chosen charity will be confirmed at a later date.

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