Former Pledges Mill and South Kent College Site, Victoria Road – decided

Changes to the approved brewery with shop, bar and restaurant (Use Classes B2/A1/A3/A4) on land to the north of Victoria Road (identified as Phase A1) involving

  1. a reduction in footprint, building height and mass,
  2. feature tanks relocated externally at the front of building,
  3. an associated walkway, fencing and planting added to the feature tanks,
  4. plant facilities and Glycol Tanks repositioned inside / on the roof of the building,
  5. parking repositioned and soft landscaping added to the area in front of the building,
  6. water feature added to the front facade, (vii) alteration to the lift access, and
  7. the previously approved slim glazed apertures between tanks on the front elevation replaced with a ‘picture frame window’.


Decided: Permit

Original Application

Case Ref Site Description of Works Posted on
16/01157/AS Former Pledges Mill and South Kent College Site and land south of junction of Beaver Road and, Victoria Road, Ashford, Kent Full planning application for development of a brewery, with shop, bar and restaurant (Use Classes B2/A1/A3/A4), three commercial units (Use Classes A1/A2/B1) and 216 residential units with associated parking, substations, landscaping and access works. 10 August 2016


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