SACF September 2018 meeting

The next meeting of South Ashford Community Forum will take place
at 7:00 pm
on 5th September 2018
at South Ashford Baptist Church
Brookfield Road, TN23 4EY

The Agenda can be downloaded from this link and minutes of the previous meeting here or both from the Minutes and Agendas page on the South Ashford website.

Proposal to change the operation of South Ashford Community Forum

As a result of falling attendance at meetings, making the Forum less representative of those who live and work in South Ashford, the Agenda includes a proposal to change the way that South Ashford Community Forum operates. The proposal is that we cease to hold public meetings and move the discussion to internet based forums, which more people may be willing to participate in. Whilst I appreciate that this may prevent participation by a few residents that have attended meetings in the past, I believe that if the Forum is to retain any relevance we need to involve more people and that this will be a means of achieving that.

We would be pleased to hear your views on this at the meeting.

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