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We want to hear what those who live and work in South Ashford think about issues that affect them.

As proposed at our meeting on 5th September we are promoting online discussion of such matters.

We will post any information we receive about such issues here on our website and on our Facebook Page. We have also created a Facebook Group where you can join the discussion.

Join in now:

On this website

To comment on any post on the website click on the post title to open the post, then add your comment. To prevent spam spoiling the discussion, your post may not be displayed immediately but will be checked and approved by an administrator providing that it complies with our rules.

We don’t normally show planning applications on the front page; you can find and comment on them on Local Information/Planning and Development/Planning Notice. We turn off commenting when the application has been decided.

If there is something we have missed contact us


Most news posts on the website are shared to our Facebook Page you can comment there but those news items we think are worthy of discussion we will also share to our new Facebook Group where you can join in. We will ask where you live and to agree to abide by the Group rules when you join. We welcome input from those who live or work outside of the South Ashford Community Forum area.

Facebook Page: @SouthAshford CF www.facebook.com/SouthAshfordCF/

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/SouthAshfordCF/

If we have missed something you can post it on our Facebook Group providing that you comply with our Rules

Minutes of the Meeting

You can view the minutes of our meeting on our Minutes and Agendas page

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