Former Travis Perkins Trading Co Limited, Victoria Crescent

Discharge of condition 11



Original Application

16/00981/AS Erection of 31 residential apartments with car parking, associated access and landscaping Posted 6 July 2016


    1. The apartment building hereby permitted shall not be first occupied until a report prepared by SLR, or a similarly qualified firm, has been provided to the local planning authority confirming that a sustainable surface water drainage scheme, based on the proposals within the SLR Flood Risk Assessment Ref.408.06248.00001 June 2016 has been installed. The report should demonstrate that the surface water generated by this development (for all rainfall durations and intensities up to and including the climate change adjusted critical 100yr storm) can be accommodated and disposed of without increase to flood risk.
    2. The apartment building hereby permitted shall not be first occupied until details of the implementation, maintenance and management of the sustainable drainage scheme have been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The scheme shall be implemented and thereafter managed and maintained in accordance with the approved details unless the local planning authority has agreed to any variation in writing. Those details shall include:
      1. a timetable for its implementation, and,
      2. a management and maintenance plan for the lifetime of the development which shall include the arrangements for adoption by any public body or statutory undertaker, or any other arrangements to secure the operation of the sustainable drainage system throughout its lifetime.

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