Ashford Designer Outlet, Kimberley Way, TN24 0SD – decided

Discharge of condition 44, 45 (part)


Decided: Permit

Original Application


Demolition of part of the existing Design Outlet Centre and the construction of buildings and structures to provide an extension to the retail designer outlet, comprising retail and restaurants units, tourist information / visitor unit, associated facilities, and office / centre management accommodation, re-configuration of existing car park, new car parking spaces, cycle parking, plant, hard and soft, public realms improvements, landscape works, highway works and other associated works

Posted on 16 November 2014


Further fine detail to be agreed and access for monitoring
  1. The details set out below shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority prior to their provision in each relevant phase or their usage in any new building hereby permitted and, thereafter, the development shall only be carried out in accordance with the approved details unless agreed otherwise by the Local Planning Authority in writing. Where relevant, the following details should be provided on drawings at an appropriate scale of 1:50 (where detail needs to be considered contextually related to a façade) and at 1:20 in other cases;-
    1. samples of all external materials to be used to be provided displayed and labelled on a material palette board(s),
    2. full details of glazing and external doors, including all joinery and framing methods and external colour,
    3. horizontal and vertical cross sections through typical sections of each of the facades sufficient to show the relationship between the façade and those elements of detail to be embedded within the façade as well projecting from it (such as the extent of recessing of glazing and doors in openings created in the façade, the
      consequential treatment of window reveals, the details of cills and the extent of projecting elements from the façade),
    4. details of the parapet roof including capping,
    5. details of vents, louvres, extractor vents, external pipes, meters etc.,
    6. details of integrated lighting and lighting columns to be provided within the centre to light key spaces and footways, and
    7. details of the proposed fencing to the western service yard, including posts, materials and final finish/colour and supports for establishment of climbing plants.
  2. No external lighting shall be installed or operated other than in accordance with details that have been previously approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The details shall include details and cross sections of columns and luminaires as appropriate, final colour finish, proposed hours of operation and location.

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