Former Powergen site, Victoria Road – decided

Revision to Plots 4 &; 5 Design changes to buildings 3A, 3B, 5A, 5B, 4A-4F and associated landscaping and associated access routes, including revised planter locations and brick detailing. Omission of bridge link between the houses and apartments and alterations to the turning head on planning permission 17/01091/AS for the Reserved Matters application for appearance and landscaping


Decided: Amended Plans Approved

Original Application

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17/01091/AS Reserved Matters application for appearance and landscaping 21 July 2017
15/01671/AS Hybrid application for five plots comprising:

  1. Full and detailed application for plots 1 and 2 comprising: erection of 400 dwellings, a retail kiosk/cafe unit (Use class A1/A3) and associated parking, public surface car park, plant and storage; together with landscaping and access works.
  2. Outline application with appearance and landscaping reserved with parameters for plots 3, 4 and 5 comprising:  demolition of existing buildings/structures and erection of up to 260 dwellings, associated parking, plant and storage together with landscaping and access works.
16 January 2016
 17/00018/AS Proposed variation of Condition 08 of planning permission 15/01671/AS to replace the following approved plans:-

  • Site Plan Proposed Illustrative Masterplan 14.046.S01.B
  • Plots 3, 4 &; 5 Block Plan 14.046.101 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Critical Distances 14.046.104 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Range of Building Heights 14.046.105 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Building Levels &; Plot Extents 14.046.106 G
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Access, Routes and Communal Landscaped Areas 14.046.107 G
19 January 2017

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