M20 Closures January 2019

As part of the improvement works for the construction of junction 10a scheme, a new motorway gyratory is being built over the M20. This gyratory will comprise of two bridges otherwise known as the East and West Interchange Bridges. The steel beams for the interchanges are to be installed in January 2019.

In order to complete the installation of the steel beams, full weekend closures are required. The planned closures can be found in the table below:

Activity Start of Closure End of Closure  (M20 J9 -11 and J11 – J10 reopens)
Placing of steel beams for East Interchange Bridge Friday 11 January – 22:00 Monday 14 January – 06:00
Contingency weekend – if original weekend unachievable – East Interchange Bridge. Friday 18 January – 22:00 Monday 21 January – 06:00
Placing of steel beams for West Interchange Bridge Friday 25 January – 22:00 Monday 28 January – 06:00
Contingency weekend – if original weekend unachievable – West Interchange Bridge. Friday 4 February – 22:00 Monday 7 February – 06:00


  1. Jacqueline Scott

    Was work achieved on 14th Jan & is M20 open on 18th to 21st Jan or not

  2. Ian McBride

    Is it possible to leave m20 coast bound at Junction 9 to head towards Newington?

  3. Ian Butler

    How come the matrix signs only said that it was night closers on 25,26,27 Jan from 10.00pm to 6.00am each night. don’t you think you should tell your right hand what your left hand is doing.

  4. Jamet

    Friday 4th February Friday is 1st February???

  5. Graham

    Worst signed diversion I have ever had to circumnavigate! I think someone must have been repositioning the signs. Sat 26 Jan. tunnel to southwest.

  6. John

    Friday 1st February, will junctions 9 and 10 be closed for the weekend?


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