Site of former Klondyke Works, Newtown Road

Discharge of condition 22a (i, iii &; iv)


Start of Consultation: 6 Mar 2019

Original application

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The erection of 93 dwellings with associated highways, parking and landscaping 27 April 2018


Habitat / Ecological Works & Management Strategy (HEWMS)

    1. Prior to commencement of development on the land,an Ecological Works & Management Strategy (HEWMS) shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The content of the HEWMS shall include;-
      1. details of any required on-site or off-site habitat works and measures to mitigate the impact of the development on invertebrates / reptiles and any other ecological mitigation /enhancement measures to be implemented as part of the development, and how such works and measures are proposed to be monitored and managed in the long-term.
      2. if any reptiles are proposed to be translocated from the application site, an off-site reptile mitigation strategy, including details of the proposed receptor site, a survey of that the receptor site demonstrating that the reptile population arising from translocation can be satisfactorily maintained, details of any enhancement works required to enhance the receptor site, confirmation that the receptor site will be actively managed and monitored to ensure the long term success of the translocation and a translocation methodology.
      3. a timetable for implementation, demonstrating that the proposed on-site habitat & ecological works and other measures and any off-site reptile mitigation strategy are aligned with the proposed phasing of construction,
      4. the persons responsible for implementing the on and off-site works, including a programme identifying when a specialist ecologists need to be present on site to oversee the habitat and ecological works
    2. Thereafter, the approved HEWMS (including any agreed revisions) shall be carried out in accordance with the details in (A) above unless the Local Planning Authority has agreed to any other variation in writing.
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