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From Sunday 28 April Stagecoach are changing the price of some bus tickets.

So what’s happening?

Some fares will increase slightly in price, but single fares above £5 will be frozen. Return fares will be capped so they don’t exceed the price of a South East adult dayrider (£7.30).

dayrider and megarider tickets will increase in price – but if you use the Stagecoach bus app, you can still get them cheaper.

Here’s a summary of the new prices:

Price on bus
from 28 April
Price on app
from 28 April
local adult dayrider£4.50£4.20
local dayrider U19£3.20£3.10
local family dayrider£9.00£8.40
SE adult dayrider£7.30£7.10
SE dayrider U19£5.20£5.00
SE family dayrider£14.60£14.40
SE eveningriderPRICE FROZEN £5.00PRICE FROZEN£3.00
local 7 day megarider£15.50£14.50
SE 7 day megarider£26.00£24.50
local 4 week megarider£58.50Available online at same price as on bus
SE 4 week megarider£97.50Available online at same price as on bus

*NEW Canterbury, Whitstable & Herne Bay megarider. Only available for a three month trial period starting from Sunday 28 April (ending Monday 29 July 2019). Find out more here.

From the same date we’re also changing the price of megarider Xtra tickets.

A local 4 week megarider Xtra will increase to £55.50

A South East 4 week megarider Xtra will increase to £93

If you attend the Uni of Kent and you buy discounted Canterbury dayrider and megarider tickets, the prices will also change:

Price on bus
from 28 April
Price on app
from 28 April
UoK dayrider*£3.30£3.10
UoK 7 day megarider*£11.40£10.40

*only available to Uni of Kent staff and students with valid ID

Why is it cheaper on the Stagecoach Bus App?

Buying and using a ticket on our app is quick and easy to do. It’s faster and more convenient than buying on the bus because you don’t have to wait for the driver to issue your ticket and process your payment. Using mobile tickets helps speed-up the time it takes to board the bus which means that our services are less delayed at busy times when people are queuing to buy their ticket.

Stagecoach hope that by offering mobile tickets at a reduced price, more people will choose to use them. You can always buy your ticket on the bus, but the more people choose to use a mobile ticket, the less time it takes to get on board and the quicker you can get on your way.

The Stagecoach Bus App is available free on the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Click the buttons below to download, or search Stagecoach Bus on the App Store or Google Play store. 

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