Dara Farrell

Election Statement by 
Labour Party Candidate for Ashford Borough Council, Victoria Ward

One point of contact for local government, Ashford & Kent County Council

Having lived in South Ashford from birth it’s been a honour to represent Victoria Ward for the last four years

Since my election to the Council, I have been dedicated to representing the views of residents at full council, its committees and community forums. While also working on behalf of local people as an advocate on issues from parking to crime and planning, I’ve been steadfast in standing up for the views of our residents and scrutinising the proposals and decisions taken by the current Conservative administration.

I’m now seeking re-election to the Council in order to continue that work, but I need your support to do so. As a local representative I’m keen to ensure the election is centred on local priorities not national issues like Brexit, or single issues like the environment. This is the opportunity, with your help to decide the future of our local council.

A Councillor on the side of residents, not the Conservative Council or their developers.


  1. Barry Mell

    Dara, I am passionately anti- Brexit, I think Brexit would be a disaster economically but even more importantly than that, to the very fabric of our beliefs. We should welcome outsiders, understand and integrate with 5hem to break down the barriers that can lead to distrust and conflict.
    I live in the Ashford constituency and will not support Damian Green and his divisive Conservative Party and am looking for a tactical voting option to back in the GE.
    Labour are far closer to displacing the Tories in Ashford, but if you were elected would you support Remain in the HoC and in a People’s Vote, or would you support Brexit.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. southashfordcf (Post author)

      This is an old post relating to the district council elections. Your comment is unlikely to be seen by Dara Farrell. There is no advertised means of contacting him as a candidate so we suggest you use his district or county council email address.
      Be aware that these email addresses may be screened.


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