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Temporary traffic management plans announced for duration of Waterbrook inland border facility site operating at the same time as Sevington site; changes to A2070 orbital park roundabout include short ‘loop’ diversion for drivers leaving orbital park wishing to travel south-east toward Finberry, Romney Marsh and Kingsnorth.

The Department of Transport has announced plans to introduce a temporary traffic management scheme at the A2070 Orbital Park roundabout. The Waterbook inland border facility is likely to become operational for a maximum two month period starting 1 January 2021 at the same time as the partial operation of the facility at Sevington (where wet weather has delayed completion of works therefore requiring a period of dual running with functions split between the two sites).

The traffic management scheme, which will be in operation from 1 January as part of the approach to dual operation, consists of portable traffic signal controls on the A2070 westbound from the Orbital Park roundabout, and also Waterbrook Avenue, which is the access road into the Waterbrook site. The lights will manage HGV movements in and out of Waterbrook in the peak morning and afternoon periods.

All traffic on the Boulevard exiting Orbital Park will turn left onto the A2070 eastbound carriageway towards the M20 (even those motorists wishing to turn right at the roundabout to head westwards towards Kingsnorth on the A2070).Motorists wanting to head towards Kingsnorth will drive past the entrance to the Sevington Business Park before arriving at the A2070 Bad Munstereifel roundabout, where they can ‘loop’ around the roundabout before returning westbound along the A2070 back to the Orbital Park roundabout, through the traffic lights and westwards towards Kingsnorth.Motorists living on the Finberry housing development would use the same ‘loop’ because drivers will not be able to use the Orbital Park roundabout in order to turn around as they do now.

Emergency service vehicles travelling under a blue light will be still able to access the closed section of the Orbital Park roundabout.

Ashford Borough Council think it sensible for motorists to avoid this area if they can or allow extra time for their journey, particularly during the early period when the arrangements are bedding-in. They will raise with DfT the need to monitor and fine tune the working of the temporary arrangements, including making sure that those exiting Barrey Road are not unreasonable prejudiced by the scheme.

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