Resilience of Domestic Waste Collection Service

Ashford Borough Council is currently in the process of contingency planning for the possibility that daily bin collections will be adversely affected, due to potential disruption caused by traffic congestion across the borough, following the Brexit EU exit transition on the 1st January 2021.

ABC has been working with both the Government and KCC to ensure that additional waste collection and disposal resources are funded and work closely together. We have agreed longer working hours and priority delivery slots for our collection vehicles at the transfer station, as well as additional operating hours for collections crews. ABC will be taking a number of actions to minimise disruption to collections and to ensure they are completed in a timely manner, whilst keeping residents updated. These actions will include:

  • Residents being asked to present bins, when possible, the evening before collection, if this isn’t possible we will be asking residents to present them no later than 6am on the morning of collection.
  • The contractor will be providing additional collection crews to continue collections after 6pm if needed, to do our utmost to ensure collections are completed. If necessary, additional collection crews will be working late into the evening. Staff from the Street Scene service will be working rotational shifts to ensure service is monitored throughout so that issues that we can resolve (outside traffic congestion) are dealt with promptly. Missed collections can be reported here
  • The Council will be highlighting that additional recycling can be placed in clear sacks or cardboard boxes, or held over to place in the recycle bin once emptied.
  • The council will be posting regular updates on social media and on the council website, regarding the status of collections, to ensure residents understand what is happening so they can act accordingly.

ABC will continue working with Kent County Council and their contractor Biffa to ensure we deliver the most effective service possible for our residents.

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