Garry Harrison

Ashford Borough Council – Beaver Ward

Hi you may know me or you may not let me introduce myself I am Garry George Harrison . I have worked closely with the unions as chair of unite community Kent branch and trying to save jobs and departments in the NHS and other Industries.

I am now an Independent candidate for Beaver Ward I have been working hard in Beaver ward by reporting the road signs lights and any issues that I can as a resident.

I do a Street cleaned on a regular basis in beaver ward and like most residents I feel that we have
been let down this is why I am running as an independent I have been a councillor twice and a
school governor.

I’m a Christian and I believe to be a good Christian you have to be the better person and as a
resident I believed to be a good councillor you need to be able to listen to your residents and I
promise that I will always listen to all sides and get the best deal for the local residents and Beaver

Garry George Harrison pledges to you in the upcoming election on 06 May 2021

  1. I would like to have a 3-month big waste removal free of charge for my ward.
  2. Make sure all buildings have the right infrastructure when they build.
  3. To make sure the housing department catches up with the exchanges and housing Council
  4. Help shop keepers with waste bills.
  5. More bins and dog bins put in the right place
  6. Have a 4 weekly community clean up.
  7. Better maintained play area and more things for kids to do.
  8. More community events and more days out for the OAPs for FREE.

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