Garry Harrison

Kent County Council – Ashford East

Hello I am running in Ashford East again I promised you I would be back and move into Ashford which I have done now.

I am running as an Independent. I have been a councillor twice and been chair of Unite Community Kent Branch and part of other committees.

I have also been a school governor and I worked for the Royal British Legion as vice-chair and helped in the organisation and have worked in many churches and charities like the Salvation Army and local winter shelter.

I am a Christian and I believe that to be a good Christian you need to be a better person.

At the moment I am currently a carer for my wife after a car accident. In my work life I have been an ambulance driver and manager in NHS and I have also run my own business.

So I believe all my life experiences will see me through to make the best councillor for you. I live 2 minutes from the ward and I know what issues the ward is going through as I am going through it too.

My pledges to you in the upcoming election on 06 MAY 2021 Ashford East

  1. I would like to have a 3-month big waste removal free of charge for my ward .
  2. Make sure that Ashford is the next in line for electric buses.
  3. Help more Ashford businesses reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. Plant more trees so it absorbs the sound along the road and the rivers to help absorb water to
    help stop floods.
  5. Have electric buses running through our town centre free of charge for our town residents from
    the park and ride.
  6. More community events and more days out for the OAPs for FREE.
  7. Get more buses to run on an evening so people can go out and enjoy themselves in our High
    Street and clubs and restaurants.
  8. To get some Road calming measures put into place we’ll probably be pelican crossings I would
    also like to try to get some more lighting at junctions where there have been serious accidents
    recently and rumble strips to prevent people from speeding.

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