Thom Pizzey

Thom Pizzey

Ashford Borough Council – Beaver Ward

Thom, a graphic designer, is a Young Greens Co-Ordinator and a key member of Ashford Greens Campaign Team. A Stanhope resident his entire life, Thom is standing for election to Ashford Borough Council because he believes that we need loud and unapologetic voices willing to reject the status quo politics of the other parties and provide a strong opposition.

As a Borough councillor, Thom would prioritise tackling income inequality, defending local services from cuts and privatisation, and delivering affordable and social housing while preserving green spaces. Thom says: “As your Green Borough Councillor I would be a strong voice for Ashford South, opposing all cuts to our much needed local services.”

Thom has campaigned locally and nationally to end austerity and save our public services from
being cut or privatised. He believes that it is crucial that we deal with the housing crisis and create
new social and affordable homes whilst protecting Ashford’s green spaces.

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