Powergen Plots 1 & 2 begin

Plot 1
Studio Flats17
1-Bed Units 130
2-Bed Units110
Total Plot 1257
Plot 2
Studio flat 16
1-bed Units 41
2-Bed Units 84
3-Bed Units 2
Total Plot 2 143
Total Plots 1 and 2400
Plots 1 and 2
Accommodation Schedule

Construction of the proposals for Powergen Plots 1 and 2 has commenced in the last few weeks.

Ashford Borough Council’s Planning Committee voted to permit the proposals in June 2016 for 400 apartments, with final approval being granted in November 2016, as part of hybrid application 15/01671/AS. The application included full details for Plots 1 and 2 while Plots 3,4 and 5 were in outline.

The accommodation proposed is tabulated to the right:

The completion of this development will be a valuable contribution to Ashford Borough Council’s Five Year Housing Land Supply which was 295 dwellings short in July 2020.

Land ownership

A subsidiary of the UK arm of Scandinavian letting company ‘Neighbour’ had purchased the land for plots 1 and 2 and it was intended that they would be built before Plots 3, 4 and 5. In the event the land for Plots 3,4 and 5 was purchased by GRE Assets, who commenced the construction, have completed a number of blocks, with work on those remaining ongoing.

In December 2018 the name of the company owning Plots 1 and 2 was changed from Neighbour Ashford Ltd. to Victoria Road Developments Limited.

In August 2019 the company that financed the purchase of the land, Lendinvest Security Trustees, obtained an order to appoint a receiver for Victoria Road Develepments.

In October 2019 the an application was made to Ashford Borough Council for a certificate  confirming that access works were undertaken lawfully to implement a start of the approved development of the site. The application was been submitted to confirm that the planning approval has not expired hence allowing the site to be sold with planning permission.

However, on 21 April 2021 Victoria Road Developments remained the registered owners of the site and Lendinvest the Lenders.

Previous proposal

The previous proposal for the site, the Zedhome scheme, was permitted on appeal. It included 519 dwellings on Plots 1 and 2 sites plus 8000m2 of commercial and other non-residential uses. in blocks up to the equivalent of 16 storeys. The whole development (including the Plots 3, 4 and 5 sites comprised 1000 dwellings plus commercial and other uses.

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