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Gas safety is applicable all year round

It’s the last day of Gas Safety Week 2017 – but of course gas safety is applicable all year round, so remember:

  1. Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer for any gas work
  2. Check their ID card and qualifications when they come to the door
  3. Fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm to protect against the dangers of CO
  4. Any gas safety issues – visit

1 Riversdale Road, TN23 7TP

Proposed 2 storey side extension


Start of Consultation: 20 Sep 2017, End of Consultation: 14 Oct 2017

Previous applications related to this site

Case Ref Site Description Posted on
16/01306/AS South west of 1, Riversdale Road, Ashford New attached dwelling with associated parking 17 Sep 2016
17/00436/AS Proposed new dwelling south west of 1, Riversdale Road Resubmission of 16/01306/AS new attached dwelling with associated parking 24 March 2017
17/01396/AS 1 Riversdale Road, TN23 7TP Proposed 2 storey side extension 18 Sep 2017



Plots 3 4 and 5, Former Powergen site, Victoria Road

Discharge of conditions: 48 & 49 (plot 3)


Start of Consultation: 20 Sep 2017, End of Consultation: 14 Oct 2017

Original Application


Proposed variation of Condition 08 of planning permission 15/01671/AS to replace the following approved plans:-

  • Site Plan Proposed Illustrative Masterplan 14.046.S01.B
  • Plots 3, 4 &; 5 Block Plan 14.046.101 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Critical Distances 14.046.104 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Range of Building Heights 14.046.105 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Building Levels &; Plot Extents 14.046.106 G
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Access, Routes and Communal Landscaped Areas 14.046.107 G

Posted on 19 January 2017


Hybrid application for five plots comprising:

  1. Full and detailed application for plots 1 and 2 comprising: erection of 400 dwellings, a retail kiosk/cafe unit (Use class A1/A3) and associated parking, public surface car park, plant and storage; together with landscaping and access works.
  2. Outline application with appearance and landscaping reserved with parameters for plots 3, 4 and 5 comprising:  demolition of existing buildings/structures and erection of up to 260 dwellings, associated parking, plant and storage together with landscaping and access works.

Posted on 16 January 2016


  1. Noise and Vibration Protection
    No foundations shall be provided for any building within any plot until details of the mitigation measures required for that plot to protect the approved residential properties from railway and road traffic noise and vibration (in accordance with the strategy set out in Merebrook Report ENA-19413-15-280 REV B dated December 2015), have been submitted to and approved in the Local Planning Authority. The approved protection measures shall thereafter be completed before the approved dwellings / development are occupied, and thereafter shall be retained as effective protection.
  2. Prior to the occupation of each plot (except the public car park), a scheme for the control of noise and vibration of plant within the relevant plot (including mechanical ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning and air handling units) to protect occupants from noise and vibration to be used shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. This shall then be so installed prior to the first use of the building(s) within that plot. The equipment shall be maintained and operated in compliance to the approved scheme whenever it is operation. After installation of the approved plant, no new plant or ducting system shall be used without the prior written consent of the Local Planning Authority.

Please leave space for engines

Ashford firefighters are reminding people to ensure there is space to allow fire engines through.

This follows an emergency call to Cudworth Road, Ashford after a summer house caught alight during the early hours of this morning (Thursday, 21 September).

Firefighters were called at 3.52am and a fire engine raced to the scene but struggled to get down part of Cudworth Road, due to insufficient space between vehicles parked either side.

Ashford Crew Manager, Andy Harris explained what happened: “We had to keep sounding the siren to alert residents and, fortunately we still managed to reach the house within eight minutes. But in an emergency, every second counts and a delay preventing our crews from reaching someone in danger could make all the difference.”

Once at the property, fire crews used a hose reel to extinguish the blaze, which severely damaged a summer house in the back garden. Firefighters left the scene around 5am.

Andy added: “We appreciate that parking can be tight and that people like to park as close as possible to their homes, but a fire engine needs a gap of at least 3.1m (10ft) to get through – please keep that in mind when you’re parking. It could be your house we’re trying to reach.”

Kent Fire and Rescue Service 21 September 2017

Free Parenting After Separation Workshops

Kent Family Mediation Service are offering Parenting After Separation Workshops.  These workshops are free for separated parents living in Kent. The workshops will help separated parents learn to communicate with each other better, will help them to deal with the impact of their separation on their children and improve the situation for their children. Parents attend separate workshops and if one parent doesn’t  attend their workshop, the other parent can still attend theirs. To book a place on the workshop, please email Karen at