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Chair of South Ashford Community Forum

Homeplus site exhibition

A Better Choice for Property Ltd., the property investment company owned by Ashford Borough Council, has announced an exhibition of proposals for development of the site of the Homeplus home furnishings store in Beaver Road.

The site was purchased by A Better Choice fot Property earlier this year from Southern Housing Group. Although Southern Housing had commissioned outline designs for development of the site, no planning
application for the proposals had been published.

Thursday 16th May 2019
3pm – 8pm
The Stour Centre, Station Approach, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1ET

A Better Choice for Property Development Ltd invites you To attend a public exhibition event in relation to a proposed high quality mixed use (residential and commercial) development on the former B&Q (now Home Plus) site in Beaver Road.

The public exhibilion provides an informal opportunity for the local community to learn more about this development and to provide feedback to the team.

A model of the initial scheme for the site will be on display and representatives from A Better Choice for Property Development Ltd as well as members of the project team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Consultation: Organs excluded from the opt-out organ donation

Opt-out organ donation: organs and tissues excluded from the new system

Department of Health and Social Care

Opened: 29 April 2019
Closes: 22 July 2019

This consultation is to ask you if the government is excluding the right organs and tissues from opt-out organ donation. We would like you to answer five questions about what you think should happen.

The government recently passed a law to change the rules for organ donation in England from 2020. The law introduced a system commonly called “opt-out” or “deemed consent”.

From 2020, everyone in England over the age of 18 will be considered to be in favour of donating their organs and tissue after death unless they:

  • have said they do not want to donate (opted out)
  • have appointed someone to decide for them after death
  • are in an excluded group

When the law was passing through Parliament, the government agreed that the law would only apply to routine transplants, and not novel or rare transplants.

The government proposes that novel or rare transplants will still require express consent. This means you or someone representing you must explicitly give permission for your organs or tissues to be donated for novel or rare transplants. Such transplants also cover what is called Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). This is when tissues, cells and genes are manipulated in a laboratory for treatment of a disease or injury. Some of the tissues and cells come from deceased donors.

This consultation is to ask you if the government is excluding the right organs and tissues. They would like you to answer five questions about what you think should happen.

Election results

We now have the full results for the Borough Council Wards representing South Ashford.

Candidate Party / GroupNumber of Votes*
Beaver Ward
SUDDARDS, Lynda JuneLabour Party480Elected
WARD, AlexanderLabour Party 437Elected
TAYLOR, Thomas NormanUK Independence Party283
HODGKINSON, Amanda GeorginaConservative Party 238
PIZZEY, Maria AnnGreen Party237
DOBSON, Robert CharlesConservative Party183
Electorate: 4589Ballot Papers Issued: 1107Turnout: 24.12%
Norman Ward
WEBB, Jennifer AnneConservative Party205 Elected
JONES, Dylan AlexanderLabour Party187
BURGESS, Neil RobertUK Independence Party130
ARNOLD, Albert StephenGreen Party78
Electorate: 2077Ballot Papers Issued: 602Turnout: 28.8%
Victoria Ward
FARRELL, DaraLabour Party 484Elected
SUDDARDS, John CharlesLabour Party378 Elected
ADBY, Jeremy PaulConservative Party290
SMALL, JonathanGreen Party278
MBALI, Valerie CharlotteLiberal Democrats274
BRIDGER, Matthew JamesConservative Party248
TAYLOR, Ann MarieUK Independence Party193
STEWART, Peter AlexanderUK Independence Party186
Electorate: 4376Ballot Papers Issued: 1259 Turnout: 28.77%

Make up of Council

Conservative Party26
Ashford Independent11
Labour Party7
The Green Party2
Size of Council47

4 Days to register to vote in European Elections

To vote in the European Parliamentary Elections on 23rd May you must have registered to vote by Tusday 7th May.

Register to Vote now, if you have not already done so.

New applications to vote by post or to cancel or amend an existing postal vote or proxy appointment must be made by 5pm on Wednesday 8th May 2019

New applications to vote by proxy must be made by 5pm on Wednesday 15th May.

Emergency applications to vote by proxy can be made no later than 5pm on Thursday 23 May 2019 .

Dara Farrell

Election Statement by 
Labour Party Candidate for Ashford Borough Council, Victoria Ward

One point of contact for local government, Ashford & Kent County Council

Having lived in South Ashford from birth it’s been a honour to represent Victoria Ward for the last four years

Since my election to the Council, I have been dedicated to representing the views of residents at full council, its committees and community forums. While also working on behalf of local people as an advocate on issues from parking to crime and planning, I’ve been steadfast in standing up for the views of our residents and scrutinising the proposals and decisions taken by the current Conservative administration.

I’m now seeking re-election to the Council in order to continue that work, but I need your support to do so. As a local representative I’m keen to ensure the election is centred on local priorities not national issues like Brexit, or single issues like the environment. This is the opportunity, with your help to decide the future of our local council.

A Councillor on the side of residents, not the Conservative Council or their developers.

Charlotte Mbali

Election Statement by 
Liberal Democrat Party Candidate for
Ashford Borough Council, Victoria Ward

The choice for people in Victoria ward on Thursday 2nd May is between the local Lib Dem campaigner Charlotte Mbali or the Conservatives.

Many people are fed up with the Conservatives. Nationally, the Government has made a complete mess of Brexit. At County Hall, the Tory-run County
Council is charging more Council Tax for fewer services. Locally, Conservatives running Ashford Borough Council are allowing more and more development without adequate infrastructure.

Charlotte Mbali said, “I am delighted to be the Lib Dem candidate in Victoria. I am passionate about our area and I would be privileged to serve the community as a Councillor. Now more than ever Victoria needs a strong voice on the Council and someone who will get things done for local people

The Lib Dem plan for Ashford

  1. The Council has already taken up my proposal to run a garden competition this year: Ashford-in-bloom, which will please those in the ward with nice front gardens and baskets (and my married name MBALI means a flower in Zulu !)
  2. Lib Dems promote practial policies to combat climate change by a mix of public money and individual responsibility. Householders are urged to take up the KCC grants to better insulate  their houses, thus lowering their energy bills and planet-warming gases
  3. Influx of new residents into new builds sometimes overwhelms services such as schools, GP surgeries and A. and E at the hospital. Lib Dems would ensure that the levy on developers is spent locally on the wards most affected rather than borough wide, as now under the Conservatives
  4. People of Ashford need to be equipped for the job changes that will come with more AI,   and digitalized creative industries. More adults should be able to access Makerspaces (funded by the Council) to learn coding, or film editing or music mixing.
  5. For older people, Lib Dems argue for increased public moey for better integration of the nhs and local care system. I would add that transport needs to be added to the joined-up planning, whether this is hospital parking, buses to clinics like Eureka, or ambulance times to proposed new A and E locations.
  6. Ashford needs more female councillors (currently there are 9 woman councillors to 35 men). As a mature female candidate, I can offer lots of dedicated time ( I’m retired) and experience in diverse civic intitiatves (both in UK and S. Africa). My working career in adult teaching and in Universities gives me the skills to digest texts quickly and voice proposals confidently. Long ago, KCC paid a grant for my Oxford degree: I’d now like to give something back to my home county and Victoria Ward where I live.