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Chair of South Ashford Community Forum

Be ready to beat the Norovirus bug

Kent County CouncilHealth officials are reminding Kent residents of some simple steps they can take to beat the Norovirus bug this winter.

Norovirus is the most common cause of gastroenteritis in England and Wales; it can affect people of any age and is more prevalent during colder months.

The symptoms begin around 12 to 72 hours after the patient picks up the infection and can usually last for 12 to 60 hours, but sometimes longer. (more…)

Urban Fraud Myth: Pin Safety

Urban Myth: Pin SafetyMyth:

Bank staff might ask for your PIN or on-line banking password to check who you are when they call you.


Bank staff will never ask you for your 4 digit card PIN number or on-line banking password when speaking with you over the phone.

They would never ask you to tap them into the telephone key pad either.

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Community Council ballot outcome

Even though we are aware that, as stated in the original literature sent to residents, the results of the ballot (for and against) are non-binding on the Council and are one part of the consultation process, we are disappointed with the voting, .

Whilst we appreciate that the Borough Council were trying to maintain neutrality, they could have been more informative regarding the precept. Many people saw the top figure quoted of £88 pa and assumed that the Community Council precepts could be similar. The Council’s literature didn’t indicate why Tenterden’s precept is so large and hence not likely to be representative of the urban areas. This fuelled ill informed statements made against the creation of Community Councils. The situation was not helped by the minimal coverage in the local press, despite this potentially being the biggest change in local governance, in the Borough, since 1974.

If the Borough Council do not create a Community Council for South Ashford, South Ashford Community Forum will continue do its best to represent the views of the residents and will seek increased support from the Borough Council to enable us to do this more effectively.

South Ashford Community Forum 9th November 2015

Kentish Express 12 November 2015

Kentish Express p27

Take time: check your rights.

Know your new rightsIt’s worth researching the market and what your new consumer rights mean before you buy, particularly if you are shopping for expensive items. If you know your rights, you can spot traders who do not seem to be compliant and so avoid potential problems from the start.

Use Citizens Advice consumer service

The consumer service can advise on consumer problems or give pre-shopping advice to reduce risk.

Phone 03454 040506 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, except Bank Holidays.
You can also email queries through the website

If you do have a problem you can visit:

Ashford Borough Citizens Advice Bureau (more…)

Consultation: Switching suppliers – making it easy for consumers

switchingprovidersThis call for evidence asks consumers to share their experiences on switching suppliers and how the process could be improved. We welcome any views and experiences of switching suppliers for:

  • energy
  • telecommunications
  • banking (current accounts)

The call for evidence proposes 6 principles which suppliers should follow to make switching easier for consumers. (more…)

Clearer return rights for 30 days!

Know your new rightsThe short term “right to reject” enables you to return goods to a trader, within a 30 day period, for a full refund if your core rights have been breached. The burden of proof will be on you to show that the goods are not satisfactory, fit for purpose or as described.

Know your cancellation rights.

Consumer law states that cancellation terms must be fair, transparent and prominent. However, your cancellation rights vary depending on where and when the contract was made and what it is for. Take time to find out about cancellation rights for the item or service you are buying.

Citizens’ Advice: Know your new rights

Community Council ballot votes published

Have your say in Community GovernanceAshford Borough Council have announced the details of the ballot included in their Community Governance Review urban area consultation.

Of 9,220 eligible voters in South Ashford, 2,409 responded to the ballot, 2,398 were valid votes, 906 voted yes and 1,492 voted no.

The Council’s press release announcing the vote says: (more…)

Powergen Developer at Forum meeting

Powergen site developmentQuinn Estates, the company proposing to develop the “Powergen” site will be presenting their proposals at South Ashford Community Forum’s next meeting.

The meeting will be
at 6:15pm
on Tuesday, 17th November
at South Ashford Baptist Church
Brookfield Road, Ashford, TN23 4EY View on Google Maps

The proposals are for 622 apartments and 28 houses on the site that comprises most of the undeveloped land either side of Victoria Way.

Quinn Estates have kindly provided South Ashford Community Forum with pdf copies of the display boards. We have posted links to the files below.

DoDemocracy-with-background-700x338Parliament Week

The meeting falls in Parliament Week. There will be a session on the theme of “Do Democracy”


Check the terms and conditions

Know your new rightsThe Consumer Rights Act states that terms and conditions must be prominent, so important terms hidden in the small print may not be compliant with the law.

Essential information must be provided.

Traders, service providers, letting agents and secondary ticket sellers are covered by the new Consumer Rights Act. They must provide you with prominent, clear and honest information before you buy from, or enter into a contract, with them.


Citizens’ Advice: Know your New Rights