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Urban Fraud Myth: Social Networking

Urban Fraud Myths: Social Engineering#UrbanFraudMyths


It doesn’t really matter what information I put on social media sites as only my friends can see it.


By getting your privacy settings wrong or accepting people ypu don’t know as friends, you may be giving fraudsters valuable information about you and your habits. Personal details can be used to guess passwords, habits and vulnerabilities so you need to check your social media settings regularly.

All personal information is valuable and fraudsters are good at filling in the missing information.

Urban Fraud Myth:‬ Intellectual Property Fraud

Urban Fraud Myth Intellectual Property#‎UrbanFraudMyths‬


Downloading digital content illegally is harmless


This type of crime is far from victimless and has serious repercussions.
Doing so can result in money being used to fund the activities of serious organised crime groups and also has an impact on creative industries and the UK economy.

Legitimate and high quality downloads are easy to find. Use Content Map to access legal content online

Urban Fraud Myths:‬ Public wi-fi

Urban Fraud Myths: Public wi-fiMyth:

Public wi-fi is secure and provides a safe forum in which I can do my banking, shopping etc.


Any data sent through public wi-fi can be intercepted unless you have taken steps to encrypt your data.
If you use a mobile device over public wi-fi, you are risking the security of your personal information, digital identity and your money. Risks are even greater if your computer or device are not secured by an effective security system.

Be ready to beat the Norovirus bug

Kent County CouncilHealth officials are reminding Kent residents of some simple steps they can take to beat the Norovirus bug this winter.

Norovirus is the most common cause of gastroenteritis in England and Wales; it can affect people of any age and is more prevalent during colder months.

The symptoms begin around 12 to 72 hours after the patient picks up the infection and can usually last for 12 to 60 hours, but sometimes longer. (more…)

Urban Fraud Myth: Pin Safety

Urban Myth: Pin SafetyMyth:

Bank staff might ask for your PIN or on-line banking password to check who you are when they call you.


Bank staff will never ask you for your 4 digit card PIN number or on-line banking password when speaking with you over the phone.

They would never ask you to tap them into the telephone key pad either.

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Community Council ballot outcome

Even though we are aware that, as stated in the original literature sent to residents, the results of the ballot (for and against) are non-binding on the Council and are one part of the consultation process, we are disappointed with the voting, .

Whilst we appreciate that the Borough Council were trying to maintain neutrality, they could have been more informative regarding the precept. Many people saw the top figure quoted of £88 pa and assumed that the Community Council precepts could be similar. The Council’s literature didn’t indicate why Tenterden’s precept is so large and hence not likely to be representative of the urban areas. This fuelled ill informed statements made against the creation of Community Councils. The situation was not helped by the minimal coverage in the local press, despite this potentially being the biggest change in local governance, in the Borough, since 1974.

If the Borough Council do not create a Community Council for South Ashford, South Ashford Community Forum will continue do its best to represent the views of the residents and will seek increased support from the Borough Council to enable us to do this more effectively.

South Ashford Community Forum 9th November 2015

Kentish Express 12 November 2015

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