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Chair of South Ashford Community Forum

Former site of Ashford Market, Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent – decided

Planning Application

Mixed use development comprising of restaurants and cafes (Class A3), a hotel (Class C1), leisure and assembly, including a cinema (Class D2), a car park, associated highway works, vehicle access, infrastructure, plant, car and cycle parking and landscaping (Phase 1).


Decided: Permit

This application is for Phase 1 of the development, Application Ref: 15/01282/AS, to which our post of 12 October 2015 refers.

Parcel Mule Scam

People are being targeted to become “Parcel Mules” as part of a reshipping scam, which results in them handling stolen goods and losing out financially.

Victims are predominantly recruited through job advertisements and dating websites. They are persuaded to have items delivered to their addresses, and to pay for postage before sending the items elsewhere. Victims are contacted through Freelancer websites and invited to become a “Freight Forwarder” as an employment opportunity. The work is advertised as processing packages and forwarding them to clients. (more…)

Windows 10 upgrade scams

If you have received an email with an attachment that claims to be the Windows 10 upgrade, or have received a call offering to help walk you through the Windows 10 upgrade, please do not open the attachment or follow their instructions.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are trying to capitalize on the great momentum of Windows 10, with nefarious email, web, and phone scams directing our customers to install ransomware and other malware.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade offered by Microsoft which you can take advantage of by reserving your free copy online, or by visiting a Microsoft Store near you to secure free upgrade services.

Microsoft does not initiate calls to customers to assist with Windows 10 installation or technical support, nor do we send emails with installation files attached.  If you have been contacted by telephone or if you have received such emails with attached installation files, consider these fraudulent and do not share your personal information or open the attachment.

Read More on Microsoft Support

Register to Vote – Your Vote Matters

All properties receive an Electoral Registration Annual Enquiry Form once a year which lists who is currently registered.  Ashford Borough Council (ABC) use this process to make sure that their information is not out of date.  When you receive the form follow the instructions to make sure you remain on the register or are added. Do not wait for this form to register, you can use the online application site or by telephoning 01233 330402 if you need help registering.

For more information go to and

Men suffer burns after chip pan fire

Kent Fire and Rescue Service LogoThe dangers of using chip pans have been highlighted yet again after two men suffered burns after a fire broke out in a flat in Sheerness last night (Wednesday).

Kent Fire and Rescue Service advise ” If you are unlucky enough to have a chip pan fire, never put water on to hot oil, it heats up, expands, turns to steam and rises in a big steam cloud. Each particle of steam is coated in burning oil and if you are near it you could be badly burned.” (more…)


 Community Council logo

Yes_check.svgVote Yes for a Community Council


We want to improve democratic representation in South Ashford


We want to strengthen the identity of South Ashford by putting it on the local government map.


We want to invest in initiatives that directly benefit our community with the money we raise.

Give South Ashford a Voice

We believe that the South Ashford can be better. And we think that the people who are best placed to make it better are those who live here. We want to empower our community to deliver positive change and have a real voice in how we are governed.

Every community in England and Wales has the power to set up a local council if they want one. There are nearly 300 local councils across Kent

South Ashford Community Council area

Ashford International Model Railway Excellence Centre

AIMRECimageThe Ashford International Model Railway Excellence Centre (AIMREC) has reported that the building designs for the planning application for their proposed building on the Klondike Works site, Newtown Road, have now been completed. Some of the AIMREC team will be holding a display in the Food Hall, at the Ashford Designer Outlet, on September 19–20, from 10.00 am–5 pm each day. This is to show local residents their proposal for the redevelopment. They will be pleased to meet local residents and discuss the project with them.