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Don’t get left in the dark, visit the community advice drop-in shop!

Ashfored Borough CouncilHalloween and bonfire night are just around the corner so it’s a good time to think about your personal safety and that of your family to ensure these two favourites keep the emphasis on the fun!

With this in mind the community advice drop-in shop is returning to County Square during the half term week from Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st October. (more…)

Victoria Park – Suggestions please!

Following his presentation to South Ashford Community Forum on 16th September, Chris Dixon of ABC is asking for suggestions to improve Victoria Park. The outline of the presentation is attached to the Minutes of the Meeting, available from our Minutes and Agendas page.


Ashford’s change in pest control services

Ashford Borough Council is committed to keeping its council tax low, so it is essential that public funds are focussed on statutory services. With this in mind, the council will be changing the way it provides pest control services.

From 1st January 2016, subsidies will be removed and charges will be introduced for services relating to rats, mice, bedbugs and cockroaches. Local authorities are not legally required to provide a pest control service, although they do have a duty to keep their district free from rats and mice. (more…)

Don’t throw away your chance to vote YES for Community Councils

Have your say in Community GovernanceIn the next few days all voters in the unparished urban areas of Ashford will be receiving information from Ashford Borough Council regarding a proposed Community Council for their area and a ballot paper giving them the opportunity to vote for a Community Council

For more information:
Voters in South Ashford can attend the SACF meeting on Wednesday

Voters from all areas can meet the Community Forums at County Square on Saturday

Ashford Borough Council have an open evening
at the Civic Centre between 4pm and 8pm on 28th September.

Yes_check.svgVote Yes for Community Councils


This opportunity is unlikely to be repeated in the next 10-15 years

Existing use as HMO declared unlawful

Ashford Borough Council have declared the existing use of a South Ashford property as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) as unlawful. ABC have decided that the applicant’s claim that the property had been used as an HMO from before a change of regulations in 2010 is unproven.

The decision can be viewed on the ABC Planning site

Residents encouraged to recycle smart

Recycling LabelRecently Ashford Borough Council (ABC) has seen an increase in the amount of unrecyclable materials being placed in recycling bins; this has resulted in some waste loads being rejected. This has an effect on Ashford’s recycling rates, costs taxpayers an additional £50 for every tonne rejected, and leaves residents confused when the crews are unable to take the recycling presented.

In order to save taxpayers’ money and continue the excellent environmental efforts of residents, helping Ashford climb even further up the DEFRA league table, they have been encouraging our residents to focus on the quality of items they are recycling.Unfortunately mistakes can happen, as seen recently in certain areas of the Borough, which has resulted in a drop in the quality of items being received at the recycling facility.

That’s why from 24th August, Biffa will be placing advisory stickers on bins which contain unrecyclable items. The sticker will say “Warning” and clearly state which incorrect material was placed in the bin so the household is aware for future collections. On this one-off occasion the bin will be emptied, however if incorrect items are found on subsequent occasions, the crew will not collect the waste and a sticker will be placed on the bin to indicate this. (more…)

Council publishes 5 Year Housing Supply Statement

Ashford Borough Council have published their  five year housing land supply statement, which sets out the Council’s assessment of its supply of housing land over the next five years, from a start date of April 1st 2015. It shows that the Council can demonstrate a supply of deliverable housing sites in excess of the five year plus buffer requirements.


Pop into the community advice drop-in shop

Ashford’s Community Safety Partnership is having a ‘drop-in shop’ between Monday 10th and Saturday 15th August.

The purpose of the shop is to raise public awareness of the wide range of agencies and services available to support them in dealing with issues and problems affecting their quality of life.

During the week the following agencies will be available: Ashford Borough Council, Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Services, Kent County Council, Sk8side, Citizen’s Trust and Turning Point. (more…)