Save Water in your school

Water Saving Week
Why save water in your school?

  • Saving water at your school can help you save other resources: If you include the products we use as well as actual water use, our daily water consumption is 3400 litres! One sheet of A4 uses 10 litres of water to produce, so try and make sure it’s only used when essential!
  • Saving water at your school can save energy: Water needs energy to pump, treat and heat it, whilst energy needs a lot of water to produce it – so by saving one you’ll save the other! Saving water and energy will also save schools money as they are on a meter, as well as promoting sustainable behaviour and helping to protect the environment.
  • Saving water at your school can help educate people about the environment: By taking action and saving water (and energy as a result), your school will be actively demonstrating that anyone can use water more wisely and set a good example for future water consumers. Make sure you tell staff, parents and the wider community about your water saving actions!


Child Sexual Exploitation Day

Today is national child sexual exploitation awareness day. Do you know the signs to look out for? The following guidance is provided by Kent Police

Signs of child sexual exploitation

Op Willow image

Operation Willow is a partnership between Kent Police, Kent County Council, Medway Authority and the NHS to respond to concerns and promote awareness of CSE by working closely with schools, GPs, taxi firms, hotels and pubs.

Children and young people often don’t realise they’re being exploited.

If you’re a parent, you work with young people or you’re just concerned that someone may be at risk of CSE, there are a number of signs you can look out for:

  • Unexplained gifts or expensive items eg clothes, mobiles
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Bruises or marks on the body
  • Suffering from sexually transmitted infections
  • Going missing or regularly running away
  • Missing school or not taking part in education
  • Getting into or out of different vehicles
  • Changes in behaviour eg aggressive, defensive, mood swings
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour eg over familiar with strangers, sexting
  • Changes in appearance eg losing weight, malnourished
  • Hanging out with anti-social groups, gangs, known criminals and/or fighting
  • Having older boyfriends, girlfriends or friends
  • Involved in abusive relationships, feeling fearful of certain people.

Are you concerned about a child?

If you’re concerned a child is suffering or is likely to be harmed, you can either call:

More information is available on

Kent Police Child Sexual Exploitation page

Kent Safeguarding Children Board Child Sexual Exploitation page

Safer Sleep Week

Safer Sleep WeekFrom the 14-20 March 2016 The Lullaby Trust and partners aim to make sure parents in the UK know the importance of safer sleep and are aware of how to reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

It is not possible for any manufacturer to say that a particular product will prevent SIDS. It is possible, however, to significantly lower the chances of it happening by following this safer sleep guidance.  This advice is based on strong scientific evidence where, unlike many products, safety has been proven. (more…)

Parents reminded to use Health Help Now

Ashford CCGParents and carers across east Kent are being reminded about where to go if they need NHS help for themselves or their children over the school half term.

The February school break is a busy period for NHS services and it is important that people use the right service when they are ill or injured.

Dr Navin Kumta, Chair of NHS Ashford Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to do when you or your children are poorly. (more…)

Battery risks to children

Small in size. Risk of a large problem
The poster by Newcastle City Council’s
Trading Standards department on button cell batteries.

What do key fobs, musical toy books and calculators all have in common? All three, along with some remote controls and other electrical devices are powered by small button cell batteries.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is warning parents about the dangers of children swallowing these batteries as with more and more compact electronic devices appearing in the home, the risk of children swallowing these small batteries is increasing.

We all know that very young children find out about the world by putting things in their mouths, but what many parents don’t realise is that lithium batteries react with saliva so that they leak acid within as little as an hour.

Therefore, if a child swallows a battery it can cause severe trauma, such as burning a hole in their throat or stomach or further damage to other internal organs within a few hours. (more…)

Dental Care for Babies and Toddlers

AshfordCCsDid you know 27.9% of 5 year olds have tooth decay requiring surgery for tooth removal?

Oral Health experts will be visiting our groups to support families with advice on brushing babies and young children’s teeth, dummies, and lots more.

The team will be attending the following sessions:

  • Willow Centre Under 1’s group: Monday, February 1st 2016
  • Ray Allen Parent & Toddler: Tuesday, February 2nd 2016
  • Willow Centre Family Club: Wednesday, March 2nd 2016

If you require further guidance please contact your local Children’s Centre

Please watch out for future updates of further Oral Health support sessions.

Young Parents

Are you aged 13 – 19 years, have a child under 5 or are pregnant?

Are you a dad or dad to be?

Starting Monday 11th January 2015, 1:30 – 3:00 pm
at the Willow Centre, Brookfield Road, TN23 4EY

Working alongside the midwifery teenage clinic, with regular input from the health visiting team and other partners.

  • Meet new friends
  • Confidence building
  • Messy play
  • Baby massage
  • Sexual Health
  • Antenatal and post-natal skills
  • Housing

For further information contact a member of Ashford Children’s Centres Early Help Team on 03000 410305

Powergen Site proposals

Powergen site developmentQuinn Estates are proposing 622 apartments and 22 houses on the “Powergen” site that comprises most of the undeveloped land either side of Victoria Way.

An exhibition was held in County Square on 26th October but, unfortunately, timing led to many who were affected not being able to visit the exhibition.

Quinn Estates have kindly provided South Ashford Community Forum with pdf copies of the display boards. We have posted links to the files below, which will open in Google pdf viewer.

Some displays were split across two boards; we have combined those with plans into a single sheet but this does show minor discrepancies at the join line.

English and Maths courses for parents and carers

Free English and Maths courses for parents and carers are being offered at Children’s Centres in Ashford. The courses are 16 weeks long, informal, open to all levels of learners and will look at how English or Maths are taught at school and how parents/carers can prepare to help them with their homework. There is also the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification. (more…)