Community Energy

Save up to £200 on your energy bills

Free Energy Advice

Sure Steps, Kennington

Wednesday 2nd March

9am – 10.30am and 11am – 12.30pm

Willow Centre (South Ashford)

Thursday 3rd March

9.30am – 11am

Energy ChampionYou could save up to £200 on your bills and stay warm

If you

  • have not switched energy tariffs in the last two years, or
  • are uncertain of what you bills mean or how you are being charged.

Bring your electricity and gas bills with you

If you know anyone who does not have internet access, is confused by bills or finds it difficult to deal with utility companies do recommend that they attend one of these sessions (more…)

Warmer, cheaper, local Energy

I attended workshop today run by Community Energy South – Warmer, cheaper, local Energy. A workshop on how it can be done.

Very briefly, the discussion started with the Big Energy Saving Network and how trained Energy Champions are helping the elderly and vulnerable switch tariffs and get energy saving upgrades to their homes.

Anybody who has not switched energy supplier or tariff within the last two years is paying an average of 20% more than they should.