Be mail #scamaware

Protect your friends & relatives from courier scams. Criminal callers pose as banks & send couriers to pick up your bank card

Mail scams cause misery. Never send money to someone you don’t know

Watch out for fake lottery letters. If you didn’t enter, you haven’t won!

Report all scam mail to Royal Mail – email

The Mailing Preference Service is free and may help reduce unsolicited mail. Visit or call 0845 703 4599

Bogus window cleaner targets South Ashford

Sector-Logo-KentPoliceResidents in an Ashford neighbourhood are being warned after a man posing as a window cleaner stole cash from a house.

The man called at a number of addresses in the Cygnet Way area on the afternoon of Friday 10 July offering to clean windows.

One household took up his offer and after he had been invited in to fetch some water to clean the windows, they noticed a purse was missing from their living room. By the time they noticed the purse had gone, the man had left the area. (more…)

Phone #scamaware

Phone scams typically involve fraudsters deceiving people into believing they are speaking to a police officer, a member of bank staff, or a representative of another trusted agency, such as a government department.

Usually the fraudster will convince an individual that they have been a victim of fraud, and will ask for personal and financial information in order to gain access to their account.
Beware giving bank details (more…)