ABC Elections

Some of the candidates for the election of councillors to Ashford Borough Council in May are beginning their campaigns.

Following the Electoral Review of Ashford Borough in 2016/17 there will be substantial changes to the wards in South Ashford. Make sure you know which ward you will be in.

When the candidates have been announced we will publish their details.

If you haven’t alread done so, Register now to Vote:

Respond to your Annual Enquiry Form

The Electoral Registration Officer for Ashford has sent an annual enquiry to the addresses of all registered voters in Ashford.

You must respond to this form even if there are no changes to make:

  • by completing the hard copy and returning it,
  • completing the information online at the address given on the form
  • providing the information by phoning the number given

If you do not respond members of your household will be removed from the Electoral Register, so you will not be able to vote in future elections, and you could be fined £1000.

Did you know?

Many organisations rely on your being on the Electoral Register as evidence of your identity.

  • In one example a family were not permitted to stay in planned holiday accommodation because they were not on the Electoral Register.
  • You are unlikely to be able to open a bank account, take out a loan or mortgage or get a credit card if you are not registered to vote

Am I registered?

If you do not receive an Annual Enquiry Form or have any questions about Electoral Registration you can contact Electoral Services on 01233 330402. Please note Electoral Services will not discuss your registration with anyone else including family members.

LGBCE sticks with draft proposals

ABC warding proposal for South Ashford

LGBCE Final Recommendations for wards in South Ashford

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) have published their Final Recommendations for ward boundaries for Ashford Borough Council (ABC).

The arrangement, fails to address the issues created by the shape of Victoria Ward and creates a worse situation than the existing boundaries. There is a now a smaller area of Watercress with only tenuous links to the remainder of the ward and a larger area north of the railway line, which as well as the Town Centre includes the new Crescent West development, Godinton Road and adjacent streets and the whole of Cobbs Wood industrial estate.

South Ashford Community Forum had put forward proposals for more compact, separate wards for South Ashford and Ashford Town Centre but LGBCE have adopted the arrangement originally proposed by ABC.

Election Results

The results of the General Election and Victoria Ward By-election are:

Ashford constituency results

Name of candidate Party Votes  % of Votes
Damian GREEN Conservative  (Elected) 35,318  59
Sally GATHERN Labour 17,840  30
Adrian GEE-TURNER Liberal Democrat 3,101  5
Gerald O’BRIEN UKIP 2,218  4
Mandy ROSSI Green 1,402  2
The turnout was: 68.69%

Damian Green is therefore re-elected as MP for the Ashford constituency.

Victoria ward results

Name of candidate Party Votes
Charles SUDDARDS Labour  (Elected) 1,052 45
David ROBEY Conservative 753  32
James GALLOWAY Liberal Democrat 260 11
Maria PIZZEY Green 99 4
Turnout was 56.82%.

Charles Suddards now joins Cllr Dara Farrell (Labour) as ward member for Victoria.

Your vote matters

Your vote matters - don't lose itWhatever you are doing tomorrow, remember to take time to vote in the General Election and, if you live in Victoria Ward, the Ashford Borough Council By-election.

If you need help at the polling station please ask. You can be accompanied by a companion if you need their assistance.

Polling stations are open from 7:00am to 10:00pm. The address of your Polling Station is shown on your Polling Card. You can also find the location from the search facility on the Ashford Borough Council website –

You do not need your Polling Card to vote but you must be registered to vote.

If you have applied to vote by post, you cannot vote in person at the polling station. However, on polling day you can return your postal vote to the polling station (before 10pm) or to the Returning Officer at Ashford Borough Council (before they close) if you do not want to post it or it is too late to post it. It should be sealed in the return envelope provided.

The Candidates for the General Election and Victoria Ward By-election are listed in our post of 12 May 2017

#YourVoteMatters #GE2017

Election campaign literature

We noticed a number of comments on social media regarding the lack of information relating to the candidates for the recent Kent County Council Election.

We have asked all of the parties fielding candidates for the Ashford Constituency for the General Election and the Ashford Borough Council By-election for the Victoria Ward to provide us with pdf copies of their campaign leaflets. Those that have been provided can be viewed from the links below.

Neither South Ashford Community Forum nor the South Ashford website supports any of the candidates nor their parties for either election, nor do we accept any responsibility for, nor necessarily agree with, the information provided by the candidates.

General Election

Name of Candidate Party Literature
GATHERN Sally Labour Party Not yet available
GEE-TURNER Adrian John Liberal Democrats View
GREEN Damian Conservative Party Not yet available
O’BRIEN Gerald Michael UKIP View
ROSSI Mandy Green Party View


Name of Candidate Party Literature
GALLOWAY James Angus Liberal Democrats View
PIZZEY Maria Ann Green Party View
ROBEY David Conservative Party Not yet available
SUDDARDS Charles Labour Party Not yet available

As we do not want this website used for political debate, comments are disabled on this post.

Last chance to register for elections

Your vote matters - don't lose itIf you want to vote in the General Election or
the Victoria Ward by election
you must be registered by 11:59pm tonight.

Register now:


You will need to provide your national insurance number to register. This can be found on your national insurance card if you have one, or on paperwork such as your payslip, letters about benefits, tax credits and some pension documents. Please make sure you enter it correctly as it will be checked before you can be registered.  If you do not have a national insurance number you can still use the website to make an application but it will ask you to give a reason and you may be contacted for more details.


the Electoral Services Office on 01233 330402,

Write to

Electoral Services
Ashford Borough Council
Civic Centre
Tannery Lane
TN23 1PL

Am I already registered?

It is not possible to check online whether or not you are already registered. You can contact Electoral Services on 01233 330402 if you want to discuss any issues around your registration or call into our offices to view the current electoral register. Please note Electoral Services will not discuss your registration with anyone else including family members.

Electoral registration

About My Vote

Ashford Bourough Council


Voters with no fixed address

Your vote matters - don't lose itYou can still register to vote even if you do not have a fixed address. This may be because you are:

  • A patient in a mental health hospital
  • Homeless
  • A merchant seaman
  • Part of the gypsy or travelling community
  • Living on a boat or other moveable residence
  • A person remanded in custody

If you are staying at an address for an extended length of time then you can be considered as residing there and can register for that address. This could be a hospital, hostel, prison facility or similar place.

You can register online at

If you do not have a permanent address, you can register at an address where you spend a substantial part of your time or have some connection. This could be a previously permanent address, shelter or similar place.

You can register by filling in a form called a ‘Declaration of local connection’. You can download a Register to vote form (no fixed address) from There are two forms – one for people in England and Wales and one for people in Scotland. Alternatively, you can get the form from your local electoral registration office:


the Electoral Services Office on 01233 330402,

Write to

Electoral Services
Ashford Borough Council
Civic Centre
Tannery Lane
TN23 1PL

You can read more detailed information relevant to you on the Your Vote Matters website

You must register to vote by the coming Monday, 22 May, to vote in the General Election or the Victoria Ward By-election

Voting for those with visual impairment

Your vote matters - don't lose itVoters who have sight loss or visual impairment can get help when voting.

In partnership with the Royal National Institute for the Blind, The Electoral Commission has produced an information sheet to help those with sight loss, explaining how to vote and register to vote and explaining what help they can get.

We have reproduced the text below or the document can be downloaded as a pdf from the Your Vote Matters website.

If you want to vote, you must be registered. You can apply online at or by contacting the electoral services department at your
local council.

The deadline to apply to vote in these elections is Monday 22 May (more…)

Voting for those with learning disabilities

Your vote matters - don't lose itIn the general election people with a learning disability have the same rights to vote as everybody else. If you are over 18 years old you may be able to vote.

People with a learning disability should vote so they have a say about things that affect their lives.

More information on voting for those with learning disabilities and their supporters is available from the Mencap website

If you are not registered, you must register before 22nd May to vote in the General Election.