Fill the hole in Ashford’s Democracy

Ashford parishes mapWe want to improve democratic representation in South Ashford

All towns and villages in the Borough including the newer developments of Park Farm and Singleton, but not the urban areas of Ashford, are represented by Local Councils. We want to bring the same level of representation to South Ashford

We want to strengthen the identity of South Ashford by putting it on the local government map.

South Ashford does not exist. It has no boundaries, no legal personality, and no status in the eyes of the Government. We want put our community on the local government map by creating a statutory body to represent the South Ashford.

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Don’t throw away your chance to vote YES for Community Councils

Have your say in Community GovernanceIn the next few days all voters in the unparished urban areas of Ashford will be receiving information from Ashford Borough Council regarding a proposed Community Council for their area and a ballot paper giving them the opportunity to vote for a Community Council

For more information:
Voters in South Ashford can attend the SACF meeting on Wednesday

Voters from all areas can meet the Community Forums at County Square on Saturday

Ashford Borough Council have an open evening
at the Civic Centre between 4pm and 8pm on 28th September.

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This opportunity is unlikely to be repeated in the next 10-15 years

Register to Vote – Your Vote Matters

All properties receive an Electoral Registration Annual Enquiry Form once a year which lists who is currently registered.  Ashford Borough Council (ABC) use this process to make sure that their information is not out of date.  When you receive the form follow the instructions to make sure you remain on the register or are added. Do not wait for this form to register, you can use the online application site or by telephoning 01233 330402 if you need help registering.

For more information go to and


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Yes_check.svgVote Yes for a Community Council


We want to improve democratic representation in South Ashford


We want to strengthen the identity of South Ashford by putting it on the local government map.


We want to invest in initiatives that directly benefit our community with the money we raise.

Give South Ashford a Voice

We believe that the South Ashford can be better. And we think that the people who are best placed to make it better are those who live here. We want to empower our community to deliver positive change and have a real voice in how we are governed.

Every community in England and Wales has the power to set up a local council if they want one. There are nearly 300 local councils across Kent

South Ashford Community Council area

SACF registered as Parliament Week Partner

Parliament Week - Do democracySouth Ashford Community Forum has registered as a Parliament Week Partner.

Parliament Week 2015 runs from 16th – 22nd November and is a programme of events and activities that connects people with Parliament and democracy in the UK.

The Forum’s Parliament Week meeting on 17th November will include a discussion on Local Councils and the opportunity they provide for all who live in the Community to be involved in decisions on local matters.