‘Victoria Way’ EIA Screening Submitted

03-PRS-Developer U+I have requested that Ashford Borough Council screen their proposals for land at the junction of Beaver Road and Victoria Road (the ‘Victoria Way’ development) for the requirement to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment.

The submission indicates that three applications will be submitted

  • Application A – Brewery (located on the junction opposite the Station) Residential and Commercial Units (located behind the Beaver Road Service Station)
  • Application B – Hotel (located on the junction opposite Home Plus)
  • Application C – Foodstore (located between Victoria Road and the Railway)

The developer concludes that the proposed development (individually and cumulatively) will not result in any significant environmental impacts that give rise to a need to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment. (more…)

Forum responds to Park Masterplan

Kentish Express 17 March 2016

Kentish Express
17 March 2016

South Ashford Community Forum are pleased that Ashford Borough Council’s Cabinet have recognised the importance of Victoria Park and Watercress Fields to the residents of Ashford and that the planned development in the area creates both the need and the opportunity to provide investment into the Park.

Some residents have expressed concern that the proposals might cause a loss of open space in the park but we believe that this results from misunderstanding of what is intended. It is important for people to understand that the Masterplan is Draft and constitutes outline proposals that will be subject to consultation. Detailed proposals will be developed from the Masterplan and implementation is dependent on the availability of funding from grants and contributions from developers, of sites such as the Powergen and Jemmett Road Campus. The timetable given in some of the information being circulated is the outline programme for Fountain Zone work, not the implementation of the whole plan. Even these proposals are subject to two successful bids to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We look forward to working with the Council in development of the proposals and will continue to provide updates at our meetings and via our website and facebook page.

Victoria Park Masterplan

Victoria ParkFollowing the presentation by Chris Dixon at the South Ashford Community Forum September 2016 Meeting, Chris with other officers and consultants employed by Ashford Borough Council have produced a Draft Masterplan for the development of Victoria Park. The Draft Masterplan will go before ABC’s Cabinet on 10th March for adoption.

The first part of the proposals that will be developed is based on the heritage of the Park, focused on the Hubert Fountain. A Heritage Lottery Fund bid is planned to finance this part of the work. The first stage of the bid will be submitted this month, to fund Development of the heritage proposals. If the bid is successful, the Development Phase is expected to take a year to complete, after which a further bid will be made to fund Delivery (implementation) of the Proposals. The Delivery is expected to take 15 – 18 months from March 2018, completing between July and September 2019. (more…)

Young People’s Sculpture Trail for Victoria Park

Victoria Park avenue and Hubert FountainFunding to create a new Young People’s Sculpture Trail in Victoria Park has been granted to Ashford Borough Council by Tesco as part of the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme.

In a bid to engage young people and families in the natural heritage of Victoria Park, officers from the council proposed creating an exciting new sculpture trail in the heart of the borough. The outdoor trail will take people on a journey of discovery, telling stories of the park’s past, and encouraging learning and engagement in green spaces management.

The sculptures will be created by local young people with the help of artists and craftsman, through school workshops, youth groups and open drop in sessions. Youngsters will learn woodland craft skills and create a sculpture trail across the park and Watercress Fields. (more…)

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Return to all-night lighting

Streetlights-LEDFollowing the announcement on 5 February, Kent County Council has now agreed to an optimised all-night street lighting policy with the introduction of new energy-efficient LED lights.

At a meeting of the Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee this afternoon, members agreed to introducing all-night lighting – with the ability to dim individual lights so that it is right for every street – once work has been completed on installing the new LED lamps. (more…)