SACF Comments on KCC Division Boundaries

Following our post of 12 May 2015 we South Ashford Community Forum has reviewed the ‘Draft recommendations for the further electoral review of Kent County Council’. published by the Local Government Boundary Commision for England (LGBCE) . Although there is little change from the existing divisions that serve South Ashford we believe the boundaries could be improved.We have submitted our comments to the LGBCE. (more…)

Delay to waste collections

Update published by Ashford Borough Council on 2nd July 2015

As you are aware the continuation of operation stack has impacted on traffic congestion in and around Ashford with severe delays being experienced. Despite this our waste collection contactor, Biffa, has been able to maintain collections on the due day of collection with some minor delays due to the traffic congestion. Unfortunately the longer the current situation continues there is the possibility that collections may be disrupted. (more…)

When it’s safe to be cool

Published on KCC Media Hub: 29 June 2015

While many of us will simply be pleased that the long, wet winter is far behind us, it is important to be prepared for sustained hot weather.

Heatwave Alerts, such as the one in place at the moment – known as a level 2 – are triggered as soon as the Met Office forecasts a 60 per cent chance of temperatures being high enough on at least two consecutive days to have significant effect on health.