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Local Plan Changes

Help shape our Local PlanLast year We reproduced extracts from some of the sections of the Draft Local Plan published by Ashford Borough Council that relate to or will affect South Ashford.

We have now updated these pages to reflect the changes proposed under the Council’s July 2017 consultation on Main Changes to Local Plan 2030. The updated extracts can be viewed under Local Information>Planning and Development>Local Plan

If you wish to submit your own comments to Ashford Borough Council, you can do so from their consultation portal The consultation is open until 31 August 2017

Ashford Heritage Strategy

Ashford Borough Council

Opens: 07 July 2017
Closes: 31 August 2017

Ashford Borough is home to an extraordinarily rich and significant stock of heritage assets which provide important and wide-ranging evidence of the rural history of this country and its tapestry of rural settlements. The Borough’s heritage is extensive too, with more listed buildings than any other in Kent, and with more grade 1 and II* listed buildings than other districts also.

This Heritage Strategy describes the rich history of Ashford Borough and its broad wealth of heritage assets. In doing so it responds to, and is compliant with the requirement for a ‘positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of the historic environment’ promoted by the NPPF. It sets out how the historic environment can play an important role in delivering regeneration in the Borough, particularly supporting the objectives of the Local Plan for the regeneration of Ashford Town Centre, and the role of heritage in growing the tourism offer of the Borough. Having regard to the Government’s localism agenda, the Strategy promotes an agenda of further understanding and engagement with the historic environment, where the public play a leading role in delivering the outcomes of the strategy and shaping where they live, work and visit.

The borough’s attractive natural environment, including two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the successful Ashford Green Corridors initiative are widely recognised. However, the historic environment is equally one of the Borough’s most valuable assets, and one which can and should play an important role in its future development.

Have your Say

The Council is inviting you to have your say on the Ashford Heritage Strategy from Friday 7th July 2017 until midnight on the 31st August 2017.


ABC Local Plan changes

Help shape our Local Plan

Main Changes to Local Plan 2030

Ashford Borough Council

Opens: 07 July 2017
Closes: 31 August 2017

Ashford Borough Council are preparing a new Local Plan to 2030. It is being prepared with the aim of ensuring that future development within Ashford is well planned and managed effectively whilst having a positive impact on local communities, the economy and the environment. The new Local Plan will provide a consistent approach to planning into the future across the whole of the borough. Once adopted, the Local Plan 2030 will form the statutory development plan. A draft of the Plan was formally published and made available for consultation during the summer of 2016.

Ashford Borough Council are now consulting upon a series of Proposed Main Changes to that Publication Draft of the Local Plan. These changes are intended to:

  • resolve issues that were raised during public consultation on the previous draft of the Plan;
  • meet the increased housing need requirements identified through an update of national population projections;
  • ensure that the Plan is up to date; and
  • make sure that it meets the requirements of current national planning policy and guidance.

It is considered appropriate to address these issues before the Local Plan 2030 is submitted to the Secretary of State to be examined by a Planning Inspector. (more…)

Agreement brings money to Victoria Park

The Section 106 Agreement for the North Travis Perkins site in Victoria Crescent, signed last week, includes a contribution of £ 21,514 for the ‘Victoria Park Improvement Project’. This will be added to contributions of £ 270,002 from the Powergen site development, £ 150,000 from the Victoria Way development.

In addition to in excess of £ 440,000 from Section 106 contributions, the results of an application by Ashford Borough Council (ABC) to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for Parks for People funding are expected by the end of this month. Although there are, as yet, no confirmed detailed plans, ABC have an ambition to: refurbish the Hubert fountain and piazza; reintroduce or recognise lost cultural and natural heritage elements; provide a volunteers compound and other community facilities; and put in place a range of community events and activities including a new ‘Friends Group’ etc. from the HLF funding.

The Section 106 Contributions will be used for other elements of the Victoria Park and Watercress Fields Masterplan adopted by ABC’s Cabinet on 10 March 2016. (more…)

College Site approved by committee

Ashford Borough Council’s Planning Committee voted to approve the reserved matters planning application to build 160 dwellings on the Ashford College site in Jemmett Road last night (17 May).

Proposals for redevelopment of the site were first produced 10 years ago in tandem with a plan to relocate the college to a new campus in Victoria Road. At that that time an application for 241 houses was permitted by the Council. Lack of funding led to the college not being able to relocate.

The college sought to renew the application in 2011, this time with proposals to relocate to the site now being constructed in Elwick Road. The Council asked for the proposals to be amended to comply with their Residential Space standards which resulted in the number of dwellings being limited to 154. Although the Planning Committee decided to allow the development, permission was only granted in December 2016 when the College signed the Section 106 agreement.

Although supporting the proposals, Bob Shrubb, Chair of  South Ashford Community Forum, spoke to express concerns regarding traffic, parking and the inclusion of a four storey block of apartments, contrary to a condition on permission granted under the outlline application. The planning officer noted that traffic matters had been dealt with under the outline application and could not be revisited. She said that Kent County Council, as highways authority had accepted the parking proposal based on a survey carried out for the applicant. A councillor said that taller buildings should be expected in “Town Centre” locations.

The reserved matters application is case reference 17/00354/AS posted in our Planning notices on 14 March 2017 

The outline application is case reference 11/00405/AS posted on  10 December 2016

Application for Powergen site

This drawing is indicate of the general layout of the siteAshford Borough Council (ABC) have published details of a reserved matters planning application for part of the Powergen site in Victoria Way.

The application gives details for Plot 3, comprising 66 apartments in a single block and 8 houses. The whole site comprises c. 660 dwellings.

A hybrid application for the site was approved by ABC’s Planning Committee last June and permission granted in November, following signing of a Section 106 Agreement. The eastern plots, 1 and 2, were fully detailed in the application. Plots 3, 4 and 5, to the west, were in outline. An amendment to the outline application was permitted in April of this year.

Details of the application can be found in our planning notice

Planning Committee to consider college site application

This image may not fully represent the layout of the proposed developmentAshford Borough Council’s (ABC) Planning Committee will consider the reserved matters application for the Ashford College site in Jemmett Road on Wednesday 17th May.

The committee approved the outline application in 2011 but the permission was not granted until last December after the college signed the Section 106 Agreement.

The reserved matters application, ABC’s case reference 17/00354/AS, was posted in our planning notices on 14 March 2017. The outline application, case reference 11/00405/AS was posted on 10 December 2016.

South Ashford Community Forum’s comments can be downloaded here.


Housing problems likely to persist for years

The Public Accounts Committee report says Government lacks ambition in addressing housing need and is dependent on ‘broken’ market.

Housebuilding lagging behind demand

The number of homes built in England has lagged behind demand for housing for decades.

The effects of this long-running shortfall in housing reveal themselves in the growing barriers people face in getting on the property ladder, or simply affording their rent.

The human costs are emphasised by the growing problem of homelessness, with the number of families living in temporary accommodation rising from 50,000 in 2011–12 to 72,000 in 2015–16. Almost 120,000 children in England live in temporary accommodation today.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (the Department) has an ambition to deliver 1 million new homes over the five years of this Parliament.

But despite acknowledging that the housing market in England is “broken”, it remains dependent on the existing market, which is dominated by a handful of private developers, to realise its ambition.

Plans to deliver will not come close to matching demand

Even if this is achieved, the Department acknowledges that it will not come close to meeting the actual level of housing need, so problems of affordability and homelessness are likely to persist for years to come.

The Department’s lack of ambition on such a fundamental issue is matched by a lack of information, in particular on the impacts and value for money of the roughly £21 billion the government spends each year on housing benefit.

The Department has recently published a White Paper outlining proposals for accelerating housebuilding, and the Committee looks forward to monitoring the development of its programmes.

Commons Select Committeefor Public Accounts 28 April 2017

Victoria Way development decision confirmed

Ashford Borough Council (ABC) have granted the permission, that the Council’s Planning Committee agreed in October / November 2016, for the development at the Junction of Beaver Road and Victoria Road.

The decision was subject to the developers entering into a Section 106 agreement for the development. The Landowners, HCA, and Developers, HDD Ashford, have now signed the Section 106 agreement with Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council.

The agreement for the residential part of the development includes a contribution of £ 150,000 toward the Victoria Park improvement project. This will be combined with contributions from other recently permitted developments. (more…)

College site application submitted

Developer Chartway Group, with Orbit Homes, have submitted a detailed planning application to Ashford Borough Council (ABC) for the construction of 160 homes on the site of Ashford College in Jemmett Road.

This application follows the grant of outline permission in December 2016, when the College signed a Section 106 Agreement attached to an application which ABC’s Planning Committee voted to permit in 2011.

The proposals include a mix of dwelling types and sizes and a mix of tenures

Type/no of beds No of dwellings
1 bed flat 10
2 bed flat 32
2 bed house 22
3 bed house 53
4 bed house 43
Total 160


Of the 160 dwellings 51 will be sold on a shared ownership basis and 29 will be for affordable rent. The remainder will be for outright sale.

The ABC Case Reference for the detailed application is 17/00354/AS , the notice for which is posted in our planning notices section today (14 March 2017). The Reference for the outline application is 11/00405/AS , posted on 10 December 2016.