SACF June 2018 Meeting

The next meeting of South Ashford Community Forum will take place

  • at 7:00 pm
  • on 13th June 2018
  • at South Ashford Baptist Church
    Brookfield Road, TN23 4EY

The Draft Agenda is:

1         Welcome

2         Police & Crime

  • Police report
  • Crime statistics
  • At risk of going missing

3         Ashford Town Centre

Cllr Graham Galpin, will give a presentation on Ashford Town Centre

4         Minutes of meetings of 21st March 2018


Matters Arising

5         Councillors’ reports

5.1     Borough Council

5.2     County Council

6         Victoria Park

Friends Group


7         Planning and Development

7.1     Development Proposals

  • Poplars (see post below)
  • Halstow Way
  • Hillyfields Rise
  • Lantern House, St. Stephen’s Walk
  • Klondyke Site

7.2     Local Plan

8         Health

Online GP consultations

9         Any Other Business

If a matter for discussion is raised that is not on this agenda, the Chair may make it a future agenda item.

10      Future Meetings


The Draft Agenda can also be downloaded from Minutes and Agendas page on the South Ashford website. If there are any items that you would like added, please contact us by 4th June.

We are pleased that Cllr. Graham Galpin will give a presentation on Ashford Town Centre.

Please do encourage your friends, colleagues and acquaintances, that live or work in South Ashford to come to this meeting. If they would like to be added to our email distribution list they can register via Mailchimp

SACF March 2018 Annual General Meeting

The next meeting of South Ashford Community Forum, our Annual General Meeting, will take place
at 7:00 pm
on 21st March 2018
at South Ashford Baptist Church
Brookfield Road, TN23 4EY

The Agenda can be downloaded from this link or from the Minutes and Agendas page on the South Ashford website.

We are pleased that Graham Hall, Minister at Gateway Church will be telling us of their plans for the Riverside Centre.

This meeting will include our Annual General Meeting. We are seeking more people who live or work in our area to join our Committee.  If you would like to help please contact us.

We will also be discussing

  • progress on Victoria Park improvements
  • proposed development at Halstow Way
  • Improving urgent stroke services

SACF respond to KE Parkrun article

South Ashford Community Forum (SACF) have responded to an article regarding ParkRun in the Kentish Express on 28 September 2017. The article results from a discussion at the SACF June Meeting, the minutes of which can be viewed here (opens in Google online reader)

SACF recognise that ParkRun is the type of activity for which public parks, including Victoria Park, are suited. We do, however, believe that all users of Victoria Park should respect other users. However, it appears that some ParkRun participants are not giving other users that respect. This is illustrated by the reports we have received from some users and by the comments of some ParkRun supporters on the article on the Kent Online Facebook page and Kent Online website that imply that other Park users should not use the Park while ParkRun is in progress.

It may not be possible for more than 200 runners to use the main foot/cycle paths through the Park at a time when many other people are using them as part of their regular journey from South Ashford and Singleton into the Town Centre without causing some difficulties for both groups.

As a result of Ashford Borough Council’s successful bid for funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we are looking forward to the formation of a community group that will provide a practical contribution to the maintenance of the Park, and act as a forum for discussions on how the Park can be developed and used by all parties. We hope that all user groups, including ParkRun, will actively participate in that forum helping to promote understanding between users and make the Park a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

SACF June 2017 Meeting

THubert Fountainhe June 2017 Meeting of South Ashford Community Forum will take place
at 7:00 pm
on 28th June 2017
at South Ashford Baptist Church
Brookfield Road, TN23 4EY

The Agenda can be downloaded from this link and the Minutes of the March Meeting here. Both can also be downloaded from the Minutes and Agendas page.

We hope to be able to announce the result of the Council’s Bid for funds for Victoria Park from HLF and update on the Council’s plans for Victoria Park. There is also potential news about another major development in South Ashford.

Please do encourage your friends, colleagues and acquaintances, that live or work in South Ashford to come to this meeting.

College Site approved by committee

Ashford Borough Council’s Planning Committee voted to approve the reserved matters planning application to build 160 dwellings on the Ashford College site in Jemmett Road last night (17 May).

Proposals for redevelopment of the site were first produced 10 years ago in tandem with a plan to relocate the college to a new campus in Victoria Road. At that that time an application for 241 houses was permitted by the Council. Lack of funding led to the college not being able to relocate.

The college sought to renew the application in 2011, this time with proposals to relocate to the site now being constructed in Elwick Road. The Council asked for the proposals to be amended to comply with their Residential Space standards which resulted in the number of dwellings being limited to 154. Although the Planning Committee decided to allow the development, permission was only granted in December 2016 when the College signed the Section 106 agreement.

Although supporting the proposals, Bob Shrubb, Chair of  South Ashford Community Forum, spoke to express concerns regarding traffic, parking and the inclusion of a four storey block of apartments, contrary to a condition on permission granted under the outlline application. The planning officer noted that traffic matters had been dealt with under the outline application and could not be revisited. She said that Kent County Council, as highways authority had accepted the parking proposal based on a survey carried out for the applicant. A councillor said that taller buildings should be expected in “Town Centre” locations.

The reserved matters application is case reference 17/00354/AS posted in our Planning notices on 14 March 2017 

The outline application is case reference 11/00405/AS posted on  10 December 2016

Swaddling & slings

Safer Sleep WeekSwaddling

Some believe swaddling young babies can help them settle to sleep. Whilst we do not advise for or against swaddling, we do urge parents to follow the advice below.  If you decide to adopt swaddling, this should be done for each day and night time sleep as part of a regular routine:

  • use thin materials
  • do not swaddle above the shoulders
  • never put a swaddled baby to sleep on their front
  • do not swaddle too tight
  • check the baby’s temperature to ensure they do not get too hot


Slings and baby-carriers are useful for holding a baby hands-free, however they are not always used safely. Although there is no reliable evidence that slings are directly associated with SIDS, there have been a number of deaths worldwide where infants have suffered a fatal accident from the use of a sling. These accidents are particularly due to suffocation, and particularly in young infants.

The risk appears to be greatest when a baby’s airway is obstructed either by their chin resting on their chest or their mouth and nose being covered by a parent’s skin or clothing.

The safest baby carrier to use will keep the infant firmly in an upright position where a parent can always see their baby’s face, and ensure their airways are free. Complete guidance is available by visiting The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.


Lullaby Trust factsheet on mattresses, bedding and cots—–internal-documents/Fact-Sheet-Mattresses-bedding-and-cots.pdf


The Lullaby Trust, ‘Safer Sleep for babies: a Guide for Parents’,