Tell us why parks in South Ashford matter

Victoria ParkSouth Ashford Community Forum (SACF) are asking for your help in telling a parliamentary committee why parks in South Ashford matter.

South Ashford Community Forum (SACF) is considering submitting evidence to the Inquiry into the Future of Public Parks being undertaken by the Commons Select Committee for Communities and Local Government (CLGC).

CLGC Chair, Clive Betts MP, has said: “Whether it is kicking the ball about with friends, joining a parkrun, walking the dog or just relaxing with a paperback, people value their local parks, but with councils under enormous financial pressures and with no legal obligation to fund and maintain public parks, these precious community resources may be at risk. (more…)

SACF Comment on Victoria Way

03-PRS-South Ashford Community Forum (SACF) have prepared draft comments on the planning applications for redevelopment of land at the junction of Beaver Road and Victoria Road.

SACF’s Comments

16/01157/AS, 16/01164/AS, 16/01167/AS
Former Pledges Mill and South Kent College Site and land south of junction of Beaver Road and, Victoria Road

South Ashford Community Forum has examined the documents relating to the above applications.
Whilst we are aware that some residents of Victoria Crescent are against these developments, most people that we have spoken to, including several living close to the sites, are pleased to see proposals come forward for redevelopment of these long derelict sites. We are supportive of mixed use development on the sites.
We do have the following comments:

General comment:

We note that although the traffic assessment concludes that the impact of traffic from these developments will be modest, residents remain concerned regarding the impact on congestion at the busy Beaver Road / Victoria Road Junction and issues this could create with egress from George Street.


Brewery, with shop, bar and restaurant, three commercial units and 216 residential units with associated parking, substations, landscaping and access works.

We note the application allocates the ground floor of the Victoria Road residential block for retail use. We believe that small craft workshops, with sale of goods produced on-site, should be included in any permission granted for this location.
We are pleased that the open space bounded by the Built to Rent is to be public and believe the arrangement will reduce the visual impact of the block from the riverside walk.
Whilst it is appreciated that there are no remaining heritage assets on the site, we would like a reference to the heritage of the site provided. The Brewery site was the location of a school that was destroyed by a German bomb in the Second World War. Although there were no injuries to occupants of the school, elsewhere in Ashford, 50 people were killed and 77 seriously injured in that raid. Adjacent to the school stood a flour mill, one of two large mills in Ashford, owned by H.S. Pledge & Sons. The mill was destroyed by fire in 1984. We believe that the proposed visitors centre offers the opportunity to mark this history.


120 bedroom hotel and associated parking, landscaping, substation and access works

Whilst we note that application complies with Kent County Council Supplementary Planning guidance that refers to maximum parking provision, and that as a town centre hotel, close to the station, the intention is to attract customers using public transport, residents are concerned that the low parking provision, of 0.5 spaces per room, could be inadequate, leading to overflow of parking to local streets. This is of particular concern as the residential parking restrictions do not apply during late evening and night time.

We are generally pleased with the finishes proposed but have concerns regarding the appearance of the render proposed for the ground floor exterior walls.

As a pdf

You can download the comments as a pdf document here

Make your views known

SACF welcome any suggestions, from those who live or work in South Ashford, for amendments or additional comments before they submit them at the end of this month.

Make your suggestions by commenting on this post.

Application details

Three applications have been submitted:

U+I exhibited their initial proposals in March this year. South Ashford Community Forum’s comments on the consultation documents can be viewed from the Publications page on the South Ashford website

We have reproduced the application details on our Planning Notices page. The developers website for the proposals is

Minutes of SACF Meeting July 2016

South Ashfprd Community ForumJuly 2016 Meeting

The Minutes of the South Ashford Community Forum Meeting of 13th July 2016 with attachments:

  • Daniel Carter’s Presentation,
  • Caroline Harris’s Statement and
  • a letter from Jo Gideon.

can be downloaded from the Minutes and Agendas page. The minutes are draft until accepted at the next meeting. Please do let me have any comments on the minutes.

Travis Perkins Application

Our draft comments on the application can be viewed on the Publications page. We welcome your suggestions for amendments or additional comments.

Local Plan 2030

We have added further extracts from the Local Plan to website under Local Information / Planning and Development / Local Plan. Each section is a separate post allowing you to make comments. A link is provided to open the relevant part of the Plan online so that you have access to the full text. You can, of course, make your own comments via the Council’s Consultation Portal but comments need to be in the form of an objection with justification showing that the part of the Plan concerned is not ‘sound’.

SACF July 2016 Meeting

Web bannerJuly 2016 Meeting

The next meeting of South Ashford Community Forum will take place
at 7:00 pm
on 13th July 2016
at South Ashford Baptist Church
Brookfield Road, TN23 4EY

The Agenda and the Minutes of the Meeting of 18th May can be downloaded from the Minutes and Agendas page.

Please do encourage your friends, colleagues and acquaintances, that live or work in South Ashford to come to this meeting

This meeting has been posted on the South Ashford Calendar

Local Plan

There will be a presentation during the meeting by Daniel Carter, Principal Policy Planner at Ashford Borough Council, on ABC’s  Draft Local Plan. (more…)

SACF May 2016 Meeting

The next meeting of South Ashford Community Forum will take place

  • at 6:30 pm
  • on 18th May 2016
  • at South Ashford Baptist Church
    Brookfield Road, TN23 4EY

The Agenda can be downloaded from the Minutes and Agendas page.

Representatives of of U+I Group, will attend this meeting to give an update and answer questions on ‘Victoria Way‘ and Powergen Site developments. The meeting time has been set at 6:30pm to allow the development proposals to be displayed before the formal start at 7:00pm.

The current proposals for the ‘Victoria Way‘ development can be downloaded from the dedicated website Our comments on the proposals can be viewed from the Publications page.

The planning application for the Powergen Site can be viewed on the Ashford Borough Council planning application search, using Case No. 15/01671/AS. Our comments on the Application can be viewed from the Publications page of the South Ashford website.

An Electoral Review of Ashford is in progress. Ashford Borough Council has proposed that the number councillors is increased. We will discuss what this could mean for South Ashford.

SACF Meetings 2016

South Ashford Community Forum have provisionally booked speakers for their next three meetings:

  • 18th May 201618:30 – Arlene Van Bosch, U+I, Victoria Way and Powergen Sites
  • 13th July 2016 – 19:00 – Daniel Carter, Principal Policy Planner, Ashford Borough Council; Ashford Borough Local Plan 2030
  • 21st September – 19:00 – Chris Dixon, Ashford Borough Council; Victoria Park and Watercress Fields Masterplan

and although a speaker is yet to be selected the final meeting will include:

  • 16th November – 19:00 – Parliament Week

All meetings are held at South Ashford Baptist Church, Brookfield Road, TN23 4EY.

To ensure you receive notices and updates from us sign up for SACF e-mails at
(read our Privacy Policy
Meeting details will be included on our Calendar
Minutes of and Agendas for Meetings will be available from the Minutes and Agendas page

South Ashford Community Forum Meeting

A copy of the Draft Victoria Park Masterplan will be available to view before the start of this meeting
This meeting is open to those from outside of the SACF Area who have an interest in Victoria Park

Please join us

at 7:00 pm
on Wednesday 9th March
at South Ashford Baptist Church
Brookfield Road TN23 4EY

All who live or work in the unparished area of South Ashford are welcome

Agenda includes:

  • Police Report
  • Victoria Park
  • Council Tax
  • M20 Junction 10A

Full Agenda available from the Minutes and Agendas page

Community Council Campaign – Close-out letter

The following letter has been sent to all residents in the unparished area of South Ashford:


Dear Resident

Early in December of last year, Ashford Borough Council completed a review of how local communities in Ashford are represented and governed. If you are a registered voter living in South Ashford you would have had the opportunity to vote in the ballot on whether or not you wanted a Community Council for South Ashford. Voters in the other unparished areas of Ashford also voted on whether they wanted a Community Council in their areas. In South Ashford, of 9,220 voters, 906 voted for a Community Council and 1,492 voted against. Although the Council stated that the results of the ballot were non-binding they have decided not to create a Community Council for South Ashford.

For sixteen years South Ashford Community Forum has been representing the views of people living and working in the unparished area of South Ashford and helping to communicate those views to Ashford Borough Council, Kent County Council and other statutory organisations. Following the decision of the Council we will continue to provide that representation and will be redoubling our efforts to ensure that we are representative of as many of those who live and work in South Ashford as possible. To do this we need to hear your views and invite you to our next meeting. (more…)