Grantley Close closure

Kent County CouncilRoad closed 17th July for up to 4 days to allow KCC Highways to carry out urgent carriageway repairs. The road will be closed for the entire length. There is no alternative route as the road is a cul-de-sac. Every effort will be made to maintain access for residents whenever it is safe to do so. It is planned that the road will be closed between 07:00 hours and 17:00 hours each day. Please allow extra time for your journey.

Severity: Medium

Category: Carriageway works

Incident time: 17 July 2017 07:00
Completion time: 21 July 2017 17:00:00

Kent County Council 10 July 2017 10:20

Make sure they can get through

Would a fire engine be able to drive down your road in an emergency?

Kent’s firefighters are urging people to think before they park and consider whether a fire engine would be able to get to your home in an emergency?

Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s (KFRS) 999 control room received a number of calls to reports of a large shed fire in Shakespeare Road, Dartford at 6.52am this morning (Friday). Two fire engines were on the scene within minutes but had difficulty accessing the road due to inconsiderate parking in the area.

Crew manager, Neil Jones said: “We know sometimes space can be limited but please try and leave enough room for us and other emergency services to get past. In some of the narrower side streets we find vehicles are parked on junctions, making it impossible for our fire engines to turn.

“Fire engines are wide and need more space than you might think. Parking on a junction or a bend may stop us getting to where we’re needed at a time when every second counts and we struggle to drive down certain roads if vehicles are not parked appropriately. Please park close to the curb and straighten the wheels of your vehicle, it can make a big difference.”

Kent Fire and Rescue Service 21 April 2017

Proposal for Elwick Road Car Park

Ashford Borough Council (ABC) have submitted a planning application, to their own planning department, for creation of a temporary car park in Elwick Road. Part of the site comprises land that was included an outline application submitted by Stanhope plc for residential development, as Phase 2 of the planned cinema complex on the old Ashford Market site.

The application states that the “car park is intended to replace spaces lost at Dover Place during construction and to assist parking on the new K College campus which is opposite the site”. The car park will have a maximum of 107 spaces, which may reduce during its life.

It is ot envisaged that the works will have a life longer than three years.

ABC planning case references:

Case Ref: Description Posted on
17/00201/AS Creation of a new temporary car park on redundant land. Change of use from the previous B1 use to Sui Generis proposed car park 17th February 2017
15/01282/AS Outline application for development of up to 200 residential units with access to be considered at this stage (Phase 2) 12 October 2015

Cracking down on Blue Badge parking abuse

Ashford Borough Council is reminding those who have disabled blue badges to use their permits correctly to avoid facing a hefty fine or having the badge taken away.

Ashford Borough Councils’ Parking Enforcement Officers have been working closely with Kent County Council’s (KCC) Blue Badge Internal Audit and Fraud Team; as a result our Civil Enforcement Officers together with KCC will be cracking down on blue badge parking abuse.

Ashford Borough Councils’ Civil Enforcement Team will be carrying out a two month warning phase to crack down on those who misuse their badge, fraudulently use it, or who park where it would cause an obstruction or danger to other road users.

An education programme will take place between 30th January and 30th March. During this time, any drivers caught parking illegally and not complying with the rules will be issued with a warning notice. This approach will highlight to drivers the consequences of abusing the use of a Blue Badge by parking illegally or dangerously in the borough.

Following the warning phase, the council will begin enforcing where appropriate, and those who receive a Penalty Charge Notice will have their details passed directly onto KCC’s Blue Badge Audit and Fraud Team. (more…)

Bus timetable changes

From Sunday 12 February, Stagecoach are launching a high-spec minibus service, branded ‘Little & Often’, which will provide buses every 5 or 6 minutes along routes serving the hospital, town centre/rail station, Kennington and Park Farm. At the same time as the new buses hit the road there will be a shake-up of the bus routes and timetables in the town – full details for buses running through South Ashford are shown below.

Route A

Some Monday to Saturday early morning and mid evening journeys will be slightly revised. Sunday morning and early evening journeys will be revised with buses running the same weekday route (during the daytime) serving Singleton, Arlington, the town centre, Stanhope and Bridewell every 30 minutes.

Route B

New ‘Little & Often’ minibuses will run up to every 6 minutes (during the daytime) Mondays to Saturdays, linking Kennington, the town centre, the rail station, Asda, Park Farm and Bridgefield*. During the evenings and on Sundays, minibuses will run up to every 15 minutes.

*Please note that until the new bridge (linking Park Farm and Bridgefield) opens, buses can only go as far as the roundabout connecting Bluebell Road and Reed Cresent. When the new bridge opens, buses will continue to and from Bridgefield.

Route G

Some Monday to Saturday mid afternoon and evening journeys will be revised. Sunday bus times will be improved to run every hour.

Route 2

The 22:05 Ashford to Tenterden (and Rolvenden) journey and the return 22:49 journey will no longer run following a review of Kent County Council bus funding.

Route 2A

Some Monday to Saturday journeys between Ashford and Tenterden will be revised to run via Park Farm serving Roman Way.

Stagecoach UK Bus 23 Jan 2017

KCC Freight Action Plan Consultation

Freight Action Plan Front CoverFreight Action Plan for Kent

Kent County Council

Opens: 16 Jan 2017
Closes: 12 Mar 2017


Kent is unique in its strategic location in the country as a gateway to mainland Europe. Despite the positive economic benefits road freight brings to the county and UK, the negative implications are felt across the county. The Freight Action Plan for Kent includes nationally and locally important priorities such as Operation Stack and the provision of overnight lorry parking as well as looking into HGV routeing and the powers that KCC can use to reduce the negative impacts of road freight. The plan incorporates a refresh of the original Freight Action Plan but brings it up to date with what we have already achieved and what we will plan and continue to do to mitigate the negative impacts of road freight in Kent. (more…)

Stagecoach Bus App available!

Stagecoach logoEverything you love about – in your pocket.

Stagecoach’s mobile App has all you need in one place – journey planning, live bus information in real time  and mobile bus tickets.

Now it’s even easier to find your nearest bus stop and plan your journey using your phone.

Here’s how the App makes bus travel even easier:

  • What’s nearby?  Set your location using your phone’s GPS to find the right buses, stops and routes for wherever you are.
  • Where do you want to go?  Use the journey planner to get from A to B with ease, including ticket options, walking directions and disruption updates.
  • Check live bus times so you know exactly when it will arrive, and once on the bus, follow your journey so you know exactly when to get off the bus.
  • Save your favourite buses, journeys and stops for even easier journey planning.
  • Say goodbye to paper tickets with mobile day tickets straight to your phone (only available in some areas at the moment). No need to worry about change – pay safely and securely using your card or PayPal and your tickets will be ready to use instantly on your phone. Simply activate your ticket when you’re ready to board and show it to the driver.

The Stagecoach Bus App is available free on the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). Click the  buttons below  to download, or search Stagecoach Bus  on the App Store or Google Play store.
download app storedownload google play

Stagecoach UK Bus

Prepare your vehicle for bad weather

Snow CarIn this this fourth post on preparing for winter we have information from Brake on winter driving.

Be prepared

Even if you avoid setting off in dangerous weather conditions, you could get caught out, so be prepared by:

  • ensuring your vehicle is well-maintained through an up-to-date MOT, regular service, and regular walk-round checks by you.
  • regularly checking tyres to ensure they’re in good condition and have a tread depth of at least 3mm to be safe in the wet.
  • making sure there is anti-freeze in your radiator and windscreen washer bottle.
  • keeping an ice-scraper and de-icer in your vehicle at all times in winter.
  • packing a winter driving kit in case of emergency. This might include: a torch; cloths; a blanket and warm clothes; food and drink; first-aid kit; spade; warning triangle; and high-visibility vest.
  • always take a well-charged phone in case of emergencies, but don’t be tempted to use it when driving.

Car batteries are more likely to die in winter, so take steps to ensure yours doesn’t. If your car battery is old (more than five years) or there is sign of it struggling to start the car, get it checked by your garage and replaced if needed.

Clear ice, snow and condensation completely from your windscreen and all windows before setting off. Clear snow off the roof of your vehicle too, as it might fall and obscure your vision during your journey.

Check forecasts and plan your route carefully. In bad weather, major roads are more likely to be cleared and gritted. Allow plenty of time for potential hold-ups. The Met Office provides up to date forecasts, and issues warnings when severe weather is likely. (more…)

International Station parking changes

Rail logoBarriers being installed on the approach road to the the Eurostar terminal entrance at Ashford International Station are to be used as part of a new parking management system. The registration of all cars entering the station will be read by cameras. If a car is in the station for more than 20 minutes the exit barrier will not be lifted unless a parking fee has been paid at a machine in the Eurostar terminal building.

We understand drivers meeting passengers from either Eurostar, SouthEastern or Southern trains will not be charged unless they exceed the 20 minute free period. If delays occur on any services, the car park operator will be informed and free exit can be arranged via the assistance terminal at the exit gate.