KCC Active Travel Strategy Consultation

28.13 - (REV4) Active Travel Strategy Consultation A6 postcardKent County Council’s (KCC) Active Travel Strategy aims to make active travel an attractive and realistic choice for short journeys in Kent. By developing and promoting accessible, safer and well-planned active travel opportunities, this Strategy will help to establish Kent as a pioneering county for active travel.

Active Travel means walking or cycling as a means of transport in order to get to a particular destination such as work, the shops or to visit friends. It does not cover walking and cycling done purely for pleasure, for health reasons, or simply walking the dog. Active travel can be for complete journeys or parts of a journey.

More people travelling actively can lead to a range of positive outcomes. These include improved health, reduced traffic congestion, reduced pollution and financial savings.

Have your say

KCC want to know what you think of their draft Active Travel Strategy, and the ambition and actions outlined within it. (more…)

Wheelz, motorbike event

wheelzMotorbike fanatics are in for a treat as Wheelz, a special motorcycle event, is taking place in Ashford.

Whether you’re an experienced motorbike or scooter rider, or you’re considering learning to ride, Wheelz is a fantastic opportunity to pick up some safety riding tips, see great bike displays, grab some fun freebies and meet other motorbike enthusiasts. The event will also help motorcyclists understand road safety and remind them of the importance of wearing the appropriate riding gear.

The event, which is free to attend, will include lots of exciting activities including motorbike displays and demonstrations, Well known bike retailers will be also in attendance including Dexerity, Laguna and Alexandra Motorcycles. Visitors can visit their stalls and ask for advice and tips on bike related issues. (more…)

Helping make travel cleaner, greener and cheaper

Kent Connected front page imageA new website has launched with the aim of reducing congestion, tackling air pollution, and saving time and money on journeys in Kent.

Kent Connected boasts many features, from advice and tips on changing and improving travel habits, to a journey planner that provides a range of travel options comparing time, costs, CO2, and calories burned.

Ambitions: we all have them

Kent Connected’s is to improve your journey in Kent.

They are passionate about making your journey easier, saving you time and money and reducing congestion. Sound impossible? It’s not! There are so many ways that you can achieve this, all while helping to improve the environment and your health through sustainable or active travel choices. (more…)

Review of KCC Funded Bus Services

Kent County CouncilIntroduction

Bus services across the UK were privatised in 1985.  Since then, many routes in Kent have been run by commercial bus companies, such as Arriva or Stagecoach.

But not all of Kent’s bus services are run on a purely commercial basis.  Kent County Council (KCC) currently spends £6.4 million subsidising some routes which, while not commercially viable, are considered important to the needs of the communities and passengers they serve.

What is being proposed

KCC have worked hard to protect these subsidies, but as central government funds have been reduced we’ve had to make savings.  They have already saved over £1million by working with bus operators to re-plan routes, renegotiating better contracts and through a greater use of Community Transport operators.  However, they still need to reduce our spending further in the next financial year.

To help them do this a series of changes have been identified for 17 subsidised services.  While KCC’s approach seeks to protect those bus services where the impact on passengers is greatest, they understand that any changes may have an adverse impact on existing bus passengers and they need you to tell them how the proposed changes may affect you. (more…)

Return to all-night lighting

Streetlights-LEDFollowing the announcement on 5 February, Kent County Council has now agreed to an optimised all-night street lighting policy with the introduction of new energy-efficient LED lights.

At a meeting of the Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee this afternoon, members agreed to introducing all-night lighting – with the ability to dim individual lights so that it is right for every street – once work has been completed on installing the new LED lamps. (more…)

KCC to consider return to all-night lighting

Streetlights-LEDA preferred option to return to all-night street lighting when Kent’s new energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are installed – meeting residents’ needs and savings targets – will be considered next week by Kent County Council members.

Work to convert the county’s 118,000 street lights to LED is due to begin in residential areas next month and will be completed within 38 months.

This will save Kent taxpayers up to £5.2 million a year, once installed.

The newly-upgraded lighting will be connected to an individual central management system (CMS) that will allow the authority to monitor and provide optimal lighting levels in the future. (more…)

Contract awarded to convert street lights to LED

Streetlights-LEDThe contract to convert Kent’s 118,000 streetlights to energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has been awarded to engineering and infrastructure firm Bouygues Energies & Services.

The newly upgraded lighting will be connected to an individual central management system (CMS) that will allow Kent County Council to monitor and adapt lighting levels in the future.

Work to convert streetlights to LED is due to begin in residential areas in March 2016 and will be completed within 38 months. Once completed, this will save Kent taxpayers up to £5.2 million a year. (more…)

Application for use of Leacon Road site as lorry park

Brett’s have applied for retrospective, temporary planning permission for use of their site off of Leacon Road as a ‘transit point for exchange of trailers’. The site, that is opposite the Ford and was previously an aggregates treatment plant, is allocated for housing in the Council’s Urban Sites and Infrastructure Development Plan Document.

Use of the site for what appeared to be a lorry park commenced last March. It seems that Ashford Borough Council have advised Brett’s that planning permission for change of use is required. The application states that the site is currently being used by ‘ETS Forwarding Ltd’, who wish to continue to operate from the site until permanent premises are found. The change of use is requested for two years.

The planning application can be viewed on ABC’s website.