Victoria Park, Jemmett Road

Extension to existing nursery building to create new cafe provision. Improvements to entrances on public highway, resurfacing and extension to existing car park, new CCTV, lighting columns adjacent to new cafe (+4m in height), new feature play equipment (+4m in height). Permitted development : Restoration and repairs to landscape features – paths, planting, seating, ecological improvements etc.


Start of Consultation: 15 Feb 2019, End of Consultation: 11 Mar 2019

Former South Kent College Site, Jemmett Road

Partial discharge of condition 45 Plots 58-85


Start of Consultation: 7 Feb 2019

Original Application


Demolition of existing buildings and construction of up to 241 dwellings and associated access and landscaping

posted on 10 December 2016.


  1. No development shall be commenced until:
    1. a site investigation has been undertaken to determine the nature and extent of any contamination, and
    2. the results of the investigation, together with an assessment by a suitably qualified or otherwise competent person, and details of a scheme to contain, treat or remove any contamination, as appropriate, have been submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority.

    Prior to the first occupation of the development hereby permitted or, where the approved scheme provides for remediation and development to be phased, the occupation of the relevant phase of the development:

    1. the approved remediation scheme shall be fully implemented (either in relation to the development as a whole or the relevant phase, as appropriate), and
    2. a Certificate shall be provided to the Local Planning Authority by a suitably qualified or otherwise competent person stating that remediation has been completed and the site is suitable for the permitted end use.

    Thereafter, no works shall take place within the site such as to prejudice the effectiveness of the approved scheme of remediation.

2 Eastmead Avenue, TN23 7SB

Notification of a larger homes extension – Single storey rear extension (depth 5.6m x height 3m x eaves 3m) – revision to 15/00015/GPDE/AS


Start of Consultation: 28 Jan 2019, End of Consultation: 21 Feb 2019

Related Applications

15/00015/GPDE/AS Notification of a proposed larger home extension – single storey rear extension (depth 5.1m, height 3m, eaves height 3m) Posted on 25 April 2015

Land at Playing Fields and Linden Grove Primary Scool, Stanhope Road, Stanhope, Kent

Outline application with all matters reserved, except ‘Access’ for the construction of up to 240 no. dwellings including extra care housing and replacement of the Ray Allen Children’s Centre, together with the provision of open space, landscaping, drainage, infrastructure and earthworks.


Start of Consultation: 6 Feb 2019, End of Consultation: 2 Mar 2019

Note: This application falls outside of South Ashford but bounds it. We would be pleased to receive comments from residents of South Ashford that will be affected by this development.

Former Powergen site, Victoria Road

Discharge condition 58


Original Application


Proposed variation of Condition 08 of planning permission 15/01671/AS to replace the following approved plans:-

  • Site Plan Proposed Illustrative Masterplan 14.046.S01.B
  • Plots 3, 4 &; 5 Block Plan 14.046.101 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Critical Distances 14.046.104 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Range of Building Heights 14.046.105 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Building Levels &; Plot Extents 14.046.106 G
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Access, Routes and Communal Landscaped Areas 14.046.107 G

Posted on 19 January 2017


Hybrid application for five plots comprising:

  1. Full and detailed application for plots 1 and 2 comprising: erection of 400 dwellings, a retail kiosk/cafe unit (Use class A1/A3) and associated parking, public surface car park, plant and storage; together with landscaping and access works.
  2. Outline application with appearance and landscaping reserved with parameters for plots 3, 4 and 5 comprising:  demolition of existing buildings/structures and erection of up to 260 dwellings, associated parking, plant and storage together with landscaping and access works.

Posted on 16 January 2016


  1. Materials Prior to installation within the relevant plot precise details and samples of bricks, tiles and cladding materials to be used externally shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority and the development within that plot shall be carried out only using the approved external materials.