Covid-19: Remain Cautious

While Coronavirus cases are high and rising, everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious.

Meeting with others

To minimise risk you should minimise the number, proximity and duration of social contacts.

 If you can, meet outdoors or, if you’re indoors, think about how you can improve ventilation to letting fresh air in.

Limit the close contact you have with those you do not usually live with, and increase close contact gradually.

Face coverings

The Government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas.


Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day.

It is particularly important to wash your hands:

  • after coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose
  • before you eat or handle food
  • after coming into contact with surfaces touched by many others, such as handles, handrails and light switches
  • after coming into contact with shared areas such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • when you return home

Where possible, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. If you do need to touch your face (for example to put on or take off your face covering), wash or sanitise your hands before and after.

Get tested and self isolate

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, self-isolate immediately and get a PCR test, even if your symptoms are mild. You should self-isolate at home while you book the test and wait for the results. You must self-isolate if you test positive. Your isolation period includes the day your symptoms started (or the day your test was taken if you do not have symptoms), and the next 10 full days. This is the law.

The most important symptoms of COVID-19 are recent onset of any of the following:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Testing twice a week

Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have any symptoms. This means they could be spreading the virus without knowing it. Testing twice a week increases the chances of detecting COVID-19 when a person is infectious, helping to make sure you don’t spread COVID-19.

Rapid lateral flow testing is available for free to anybody.

Get vaccinated

All adults in England have now been offered at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccines are safe and effective. They give you the best protection against COVID-19.

If you have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine, you should get vaccinated. It usually takes around two to three weeks for an antibody response to develop. You need two doses of vaccine for maximum protection against COVID-19.

However, even if you have been fully vaccinated, you could still get COVID-19 and get sick – a recent PHE report shows that around 1 in 5 people who are double-vaccinated are still vulnerable to getting infected with the Delta variant and showing symptoms. You can also still spread COVID-19 to others. We all need to do what we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to protect others and to reduce the risk of new variants developing and spreading.

NHS Covid Pass

The NHS Covid Pass allows you to check your Covid status and demonstrate that you are at lower risk of transmitting to others through full vaccination, a recent negative test, or proof of natural immunity.

Cabinet Office:

Ashford split by new boundary plans

The Ashford Parliamentary Constituency will be separated from the majority of the Borough under Initial Proposals put forward by the Boundary Commission for England.

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is currently conducting a review of parliamentary constituency boundaries on the basis of rules most recently updated by Parliament in 2020. These latest rules retain 650 constituencies for the UK Parliament as a whole, and require constituencies that are proposed or recommended to comply with strict parameters, in particular as far as the number of electors in each constituency is concerned.

The BCE has published its ‘Initial Proposals’, which will see South Ashford in the same Constituency as Hawkinge and Elham but different to that of Great Chart and Kingsnorth.

The existing Ashford Parliamentary Constituency boundary, shown as a narrow blue line, follows the Borough boundary, thicker green line, other than an area to the east, which includes Ruckinge, Aldington and Brabourne, and is part of the Folkestone and Hythe Constituency.

The Initial Proposals published by BCE will see the Borough split across three constituencies, with boundaries shown red against the green Borough boundaries.

  • Ashford urban area, including the Town Centre, Stanhope and Singleton will be in a constituency which extends eastward to Hawkinge and Wingmore.
  • The south and west of the Borough, including Aldington, Ham Street, Wittersham, Tenterden, Kingsnorth and Great Chart will be in a new Weald of Kent Constituency, which stretches as far as the outskirts of Maidstone and includes Boughton Monchelsea, Loose and Nettlestead.
  • The northern part of the Borough including Chilham, Bilting, Boughton Lees, Sandyhurst Lane, Westwell and Charing will become part of the Faversham and Mid-Kent Constituency with with villages as far west and north as Bredgar, Radfield and Conyer.

The primary criteria for the new boundaries is that apart from five specified exceptions – every constituency recommended must have an electorate (as at 2 March 2020) that is no less than 95% and no more than 105% of the ‘UK electoral quota’. The UK electoral quota for the 2023 Review is, to the nearest whole number, 73,393.
Accordingly, every recommended constituency (except the five ‘protected’ constituencies) must have an electorate as at 2 March 2020 that is no smaller than 69,724 and no larger than 77,062.

The BCE may take into account in establishing a new map of constituencies for the 2023 Review:

  • special geographical considerations, including in particular the size, shape and accessibility of a constituency;
  • local government boundaries as they existed (or were in prospect) on 1 December 2020 (see paragraph 16 above);
  • boundaries of existing constituencies;
  • any local ties that would be broken by changes in constituencies; and
  • the inconveniences attendant on such changes.

BCE have published a guide to the Review:

You can comment on the proposals on the BCE consultation website

Comments must be made by Tuesday 2nd August 2021.

Mental Health Help for Adults

Single Point of Access

If you are known to Kent Mental Health Partnership or need urgent mental health support, advice or guidance call the 24h helpline

0800 783 9111

Release the Pressure

Release the Pressure

Life can get really tough sometimes, but talking can help. We have a highly trained and experienced team available 24/7 to provide expert support no matter what you are going through.

Don’t suffer in silence:

  • webchat
  • text the word Kent to 85258 or
  • call 0800 107 0160

Just talking can help

Help Kent & Medway Talking Therapies

NHS Talking Therapies offer effective and confidential treatments which can help with common mental health problems.

You do not need to have a diagnosed mental health problem to refer yourself to an NHS psychological therapies service, which are also sometimes referred to as IAPT.

You may be:

  • having panic attacks
  • struggling with flashbacks and nightmares
  • feeling low and hopeless
  • finding it hard to cope with work, life or relationships.

Other things that talking therapies can help with include:

  • constant worrying
  • obsessive thoughts or behaviours
  • fear of social situations
  • constant worry about your health
  • phobias.

Visit or

Every Mind Matters

Better Health – Every Mind Matters

Get a free NHS approved mind plan. Answer 5 quick questions to get your personalised plan of simple ideas to help improve your mental health and wellbeing.

1live Well Kent & Medway

Live Well Kent and Medway

Is your mental health impacting your life, work, money, housing or relationships? Live Well Kent can help through a range of groups, programmes and services.

Connect Well

Connect Well East Kent

Connect Well East Kent is a Social Prescribing platform managed by Social Enterprise Kent for the East Kent area.

Social prescribing is a way to help people make positive changes in their lives and within their communities by linking them to voluntary and community groups and other non-clinical services.

Social Enterprise Kent is working with voluntary and community sector organisations across the East Kent area to provide access to services via this social prescribing tool that enables trained professionals to refer individuals to non-medical support to maximise social, emotional and practical wellbeing. This will in turn allow them to:

  • Feel more involved in the community
  • Meet new people
  • Make some changes to improve health and wellbeing

Kent Sheds

Kent Sheds is growing network of like minded people (Men and Women) of all ages, who take part in practical actives (such as wood work), in informal spaces with friends.

Kent Dementia Helpline

A 24h confidential service offering support and guidance for people with dementia and their carers

Phone: 0800 500 3014

Matthew Scott

Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent Police Area

Matthew Scott

My six point plan for Kent will see even more Police hired – 300 will be recruited over and above those who leave or retire. And with crime falling before the pandemic started, I will be able to deliver even more for the people of Kent.

  • Recruit another 300 Police Officers and ensure they are active in our urban and rural areas
  • Work with residents, businesses and communities to prevent and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Expand the popular Police Cadets scheme for young people and bring back teams of Schools Officers
  • Make our streets safer for all road users
  • Boost the support available for all victims of crime and abuse
  • Tackle gangs and county lines and get drugs and weapons off our streets

Delivering for Kent since 2016

Kent has more Police than ever before, thanks to my work as PCC and the Government’s programme of recruiting 20,000 more across the country. As a result, there’s nearly 700 more Police Officers in Kent now. This has been delivered because of my effective management of your money and my drive for greater efficiency.

And the good news is that these Officers are doing the jobs that you want them to do. Town centre police officers have been brought back and the rural policing unit expanded. There’s a dedicated team bringing down county lines – with the number of these drug dealing gangs down by a third in the last year. More burglars are being imprisoned thanks to a new Crime Squad. There’s even a new team of PCSOs dedicated exclusively to reducing antisocial behaviour.

My work with young people has seen substantial investment in activities such as the return of the Volunteer Police Cadet units across Kent and Medway for those aged 13 to 17.

I have set about improving the service that you receive. 101 waiting times have fallen from an average of nearly five minutes to ninety seconds, with more calls being answered. I have worked hard to improve the way that the Police and the rest of the criminal justice system supports victims of crime. Kent Police is now seen as one of the best Force’s in the country now for how it uses its resources and how it keeps people safe.

I have secured millions of pounds of extra investment into Kent for a variety of programmes, including Brexit, tackling violence, support for victims and traffic management on our motorways linked to the ports. By working with the Government, I have ensured that the burden does not fall on the council taxpayers of Kent – exactly as I promised.

Steve Campkin

Kent County Council – Ashford East Division

Steve is one of two Green Party Councillors on Ashford Borough Council, representing Willesborough, having been successfully elected in May 2019 with a large majority. Steve lives and works in Willesborough and is a well known, active member of the local community.

Since his election to Ashford Borough Council in 2019 he has opposed cuts in services, rises in council tax and unpopular, inappropriate developments, while supporting and enhancing our Green spaces and serving as a committee member on Ashford’s Carbon Neutral Strategy Group.

In 2020 he also took a place on South Willesborough and Newtown Community Council to improve his understanding of issues in the area and to better represent residents with regards to the environmental impact of climate change, the challenges we now face and the opportunities available.

He has already lobbied Kent County Council on drainage and road improvements, culminating in extensive works to mitigate flooding in Willesborough and the complete resurfacing of Kennington Road

Steve , attends regular surgeries to talk with residents about local issues alongside his colleague Green Party Councillor Liz Wright.

Steve believes that by being elected as your councillor on Kent County Council, he will be able to represent residents even more effectively, and would be honoured to have your support on May 6th

Thom Pizzey

Thom Pizzey

Ashford Borough Council – Beaver Ward

Thom, a graphic designer, is a Young Greens Co-Ordinator and a key member of Ashford Greens Campaign Team. A Stanhope resident his entire life, Thom is standing for election to Ashford Borough Council because he believes that we need loud and unapologetic voices willing to reject the status quo politics of the other parties and provide a strong opposition.

As a Borough councillor, Thom would prioritise tackling income inequality, defending local services from cuts and privatisation, and delivering affordable and social housing while preserving green spaces. Thom says: “As your Green Borough Councillor I would be a strong voice for Ashford South, opposing all cuts to our much needed local services.”

Thom has campaigned locally and nationally to end austerity and save our public services from
being cut or privatised. He believes that it is crucial that we deal with the housing crisis and create
new social and affordable homes whilst protecting Ashford’s green spaces.

Thom Pizzey

Thom Pizzey

Kent County Council – Ashford South Division

Thom, a graphic designer, is a Young Greens Co-Ordinator and a key member of Ashford Greens Campaign Team. A Stanhope resident his entire life, Thom is standing for election to Kent County Council because he believes that we need loud and unapologetic voices willing to reject the status quo politics of the other parties and provide a strong opposition.

As a County councillor, Thom would prioritise tackling income inequality, defending local services from cuts and privatisation. Thom says: “As your Green County Councillor I would be a strong voice for Ashford South, opposing all cuts to our much needed local services.”

Thom has campaigned locally and nationally to end austerity and save our public services from being cut or privatised.

Garry Harrison

Ashford Borough Council – Beaver Ward

Hi you may know me or you may not let me introduce myself I am Garry George Harrison . I have worked closely with the unions as chair of unite community Kent branch and trying to save jobs and departments in the NHS and other Industries.

I am now an Independent candidate for Beaver Ward I have been working hard in Beaver ward by reporting the road signs lights and any issues that I can as a resident.

I do a Street cleaned on a regular basis in beaver ward and like most residents I feel that we have
been let down this is why I am running as an independent I have been a councillor twice and a
school governor.

I’m a Christian and I believe to be a good Christian you have to be the better person and as a
resident I believed to be a good councillor you need to be able to listen to your residents and I
promise that I will always listen to all sides and get the best deal for the local residents and Beaver

Garry George Harrison pledges to you in the upcoming election on 06 May 2021

  1. I would like to have a 3-month big waste removal free of charge for my ward.
  2. Make sure all buildings have the right infrastructure when they build.
  3. To make sure the housing department catches up with the exchanges and housing Council
  4. Help shop keepers with waste bills.
  5. More bins and dog bins put in the right place
  6. Have a 4 weekly community clean up.
  7. Better maintained play area and more things for kids to do.
  8. More community events and more days out for the OAPs for FREE.

Garry Harrison

Kent County Council – Ashford East

Hello I am running in Ashford East again I promised you I would be back and move into Ashford which I have done now.

I am running as an Independent. I have been a councillor twice and been chair of Unite Community Kent Branch and part of other committees.

I have also been a school governor and I worked for the Royal British Legion as vice-chair and helped in the organisation and have worked in many churches and charities like the Salvation Army and local winter shelter.

I am a Christian and I believe that to be a good Christian you need to be a better person.

At the moment I am currently a carer for my wife after a car accident. In my work life I have been an ambulance driver and manager in NHS and I have also run my own business.

So I believe all my life experiences will see me through to make the best councillor for you. I live 2 minutes from the ward and I know what issues the ward is going through as I am going through it too.

My pledges to you in the upcoming election on 06 MAY 2021 Ashford East

  1. I would like to have a 3-month big waste removal free of charge for my ward .
  2. Make sure that Ashford is the next in line for electric buses.
  3. Help more Ashford businesses reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. Plant more trees so it absorbs the sound along the road and the rivers to help absorb water to
    help stop floods.
  5. Have electric buses running through our town centre free of charge for our town residents from
    the park and ride.
  6. More community events and more days out for the OAPs for FREE.
  7. Get more buses to run on an evening so people can go out and enjoy themselves in our High
    Street and clubs and restaurants.
  8. To get some Road calming measures put into place we’ll probably be pelican crossings I would
    also like to try to get some more lighting at junctions where there have been serious accidents
    recently and rumble strips to prevent people from speeding.

Psychic and clairvoyant scams

The apparently psychic or clairvoyant fraudsters approach their victims by email, post, telephone call or even face-to-face.

Psychic and clairvoyant scams happen when a fraudster approaches you to tell you they have seen something either wonderful or terrible in your future.

They ask for money in order to provide a full report about it or tell you that you need to purchase a ‘lucky’ charm for protection?

They may tell you that you are in some kind of trouble, but can offer a solution in return for payment. They may claim to be able to give you winning lottery numbers, or offer to remove a curse.

Fraud has been committed if money has been lost.

Action Fraud