ABC Budget Consultation

Budget Consultation 2018/19

Ashford Borough Council

Opens 29 December 2017
Closes 7 February 2018

At the last Ashford Borough Council cabinet meeting, members agreed a draft budget for the 2018-19 financial year, which begins on 1st April 2018.

The draft budget is presented to Council members at a time when the Chancellor of the Exchequer has just delivered his 2018 Autumn Budget to parliament. It is also set against the backdrop of the negotiations to leave the European Union, which continue to cause uncertainty.

Please read ABC’s draft budget summary document to help you take part in our budget consultation for the 2018-2019 financial year. We would value your feedback on our proposals.

2018-19_budget_consultation [pdf] 1295KB

The budget contains a large amount of information, so we felt it might be beneficial to outline the key points below:

Council tax

It is proposed that Ashford Borough Council increases its element of council tax by £3.50 per year for the average band D property, increasing the amount payable to Ashford Borough Council from £154 to £157.50 per year– please note this is based on the Ashford element of council tax only and will be adjusted to reflect your property band.

For context, even if all the other local authorities in Kent froze their council tax Ashford would still be setting the lowest council tax in Kent.

The council proposes to increase its element of council tax by £3.50 (which equates to 2.28%) as government allows councils to increase their council tax by 2% or £5, whichever is greater. So, although ours is proposed to increase by 2.28%, this is within agreed parameters.

The council’s Corporate Plan is focused on the delivery of business and housing growth as well as income generation from commercial activities – such as the £42m Elwick Place project, which is on budget and on schedule. The commercial approach needs time to mature and so for now we propose to increase council tax, however the future ambition of the council is to do so by a smaller amount every year. For example, last year the council raised council tax by £4. This year it proposes to do so by £3.50.

Ashford will still set the lowest council tax in Kent. (more…)

Former Pledges Mill and South Kent College Site, Victoria Road – decided

Discharge of condition 30


Decided: Permit

Original Application

Case Ref Site Description of Works Posted on
16/01167/AS Former Pledges Mill and South Kent College Site and land south of junction of Beaver Road and, Victoria Road, Ashford, Kent Full planning application for a superstore (Use Class A1) with associated parking, substation, landscaping and access work. 10 August 2016


  1. Development (except for the substation) of the site shall only take place in accordance with the terms of a signed Basic Asset Protection Agreement with Network Rail Infrastructure Limited. A copy of the signed agreement shall be provided to the Local Planning Authority prior to commencement of development.

Plots 3 4 and 5, Former Powergen site, Kent – decided

Creation of pedestrian accesses (by insertion of stairs and lift accesses) and associated landscaping.


Decided: Permit

Related applications

Case Ref.  Description Posted on
15/01671/AS Hybrid application for five plots comprising:

  1. Full and detailed application for plots 1 and 2 comprising: erection of 400 dwellings, a retail kiosk/cafe unit (Use class A1/A3) and associated parking, public surface car park, plant and storage; together with landscaping and access works.
  2. Outline application with appearance and landscaping reserved with parameters for plots 3, 4 and 5 comprising:  demolition of existing buildings/structures and erection of up to 260 dwellings, associated parking, plant and storage together with landscaping and access works.
16 Jan 2016
17/00018/AS Proposed variation of Condition 08 of planning permission 15/01671/AS to replace the following approved plans:-

  • Site Plan Proposed Illustrative Masterplan 14.046.S01.B
  • Plots 3, 4 &; 5 Block Plan 14.046.101 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Critical Distances 14.046.104 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Range of Building Heights 14.046.105 F
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Building Levels &; Plot Extents 14.046.106 G
  • Parameter Plan Proposed Access, Routes and Communal Landscaped Areas 14.046.107 G
19 Jan 2017
17/01091/AS Reserved Matters application for appearance and landscaping 21 Jul 2017

Land South West adjoining 40, Boxley – decided

Discharge of condition 7, Part discharge of condition 10


Decided: Permit

 Case No.  Description  Posted on
16/01245/AS Construction of two 3 bedroom semi-detached houses plus ancillary parking of nine spaces 20 August 2016
7 The vehicle parking spaces, shown on drawing number 16.141-05 shall be provided, surfaced and drained in accordance with details previously submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority before the use is commenced or the premises occupied, and shall be retained available for use thereafter. No permanent development, whether or not permitted by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (or any Order revoking and re-enacting that Order), shall be carried out on that area of land so shown or in such a position as to preclude vehicular access to the reserved parking, bicycle and refuse facilities.
10 Prior to the commencement of development, A detailed remediation scheme to ensure that the site is suitable for the intended use (by removing unacceptable risks to human health, buildings and other property and the natural and historical  environment) must be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority The scheme must describe all the relevant works to be undertaken including, the proposed remediation objectives and performance criteria, a schedule of works and site management protocols.

The scheme must deliver a site that will not qualify as ‘contaminated land’ under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, having regard to the intended use of the land after remediation.

The approved scheme shall thereafter be carried out in accordance with its approved terms, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The Local Planning Authority must be notified at least two weeks prior to commencement of the remediation scheme works.

Following completion of the remediation scheme, a verification report that demonstrates the effectiveness of the remediation carried out must be prepared and submitted for approval in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


Ashford Designer Outlet, Kimberley Way, TN24 0SD

Discharge of condition 41


Start of Consultation: 18 Dec 2017

Original Application


Demolition of part of the existing Design Outlet Centre and the construction of buildings and structures to provide an extension to the retail designer outlet, comprising retail and restaurants units, tourist information / visitor unit, associated facilities, and office / centre management accommodation, re-configuration of existing car park, new car parking spaces, cycle parking, plant, hard and soft, public realms improvements, landscape works, highway works and other associated works

Posted on 16 November 2014


  1. No development shall commence (save for the defined Early Works) until plans and particulars of a sustainable drainage system (including the details set out below) for the disposal of the site’s surface water have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.The scheme will ensure that surface water runoff from the site is dealt with appropriately and in line with the objectives of Ashford Borough Council’s Sustainable Drainage SPD. All discharging of surface water runoff will be dealt with via suitable methods approved by Ashford Borough Council. Infiltration test results and final detailed design of the proposed infiltration systems will be submitted to Ashford Borough Council for approval.

    The submitted system shall comprise retention or storage of the surface water on-site or within the immediate area in a way which is appropriate to the site’s location, topography, hydrogeology and hydrology.

    The submitted system shall be designed to

    1. avoid any increase in flood risk,
    2. avoid any adverse impact on water quality,
    3. achieve a reduction in the run-off rate in accordance with the Ashford Borough Council Sustainable Drainage SPD document, adopted October 2010. (iv) promote biodiversity,
    4. enhance the landscape,
    5. improve public amenities, and
    6. return the water to the natural drainage system as near to the source as possible.

    The submitted details shall include identification of the proposed discharge points from the system, a timetable for provision of the system and arrangements for future maintenance (in particular the type and frequency of maintenance and responsibility for maintenance) and any onward controlled discharge arrangements. The approved system shall be provided in accordance with the approved timetable. The approved system shall be maintained in accordance with the approved details and shall be retained in working order until such time as the development ceases to be in use.

Health watchdog consults on future aims

Shaping our Future


Opens: 08 November 2017
Closes: 03 January 2018

Healthwatch the independent national champion for people who use health and social care services, launched in 2012. Since then, in partnership with local Healthwatch, they have worked hard to understand what people want from care services and make sure that those who run services hear these views.

They are now developing their strategy for 2018 – 2023.

Between June and September 2017, they asked the public, professionals and local Healthwatch a number of questions to help shape their future focus. They invite you to take part in the next phase of their strategy.

They asked people where they should focus their efforts to have the biggest impact.

The ideas people shared largely focussed on the following areas:

  • Working to improve existing care, particularly the access people have to support, and the avoidable differences in people’s experience of health and social care across the population.
  • Mental health and care for older people were also common issues where people wanted to see improvements.
  • Making it easier for more people to have an equal say in decisions that affect them by tackling barriers, such as public awareness and professional attitudes.
  • Ensuring that communities are involved in shaping future health and social care services.
  • Supporting a stronger, more consistent Healthwatch network – from the service the public receives, to the way the network works together to achieve change.
  • Maintaining the independence of the network and working in partnership with others to improve health and social care services.

What this means for their work

People’s feedback has helped inform the development of three aims for their future.

  1. Empowering you and your community to have your say

    We want to make sure people can access the information they need to take control of their health and care, make informed decisions and shape the services that support them.

  2. Providing a high quality Healthwatch service for you

    We want to support a consistently high quality Healthwatch service for people who want to share their views or find information about health and social care. We also want to help local Healthwatch to champion people’s views effectively and make sure that local health and social care services truly reflect people’s needs.

  3. Making sure your views help improve health and social care

    We want people’s views to drive health and social care – ensuring you get access, on an equal basis with others, to support that works for you, as well as helping to shape future services for your community.

Download “Shaping our Future”

They would like to hear your views on these aims.

Have your say via the Healthwatch website