Council and Government Services

We are developing this page as a guide to who does what in local government and government.

  • ABC: Ashford Borough Council
  • FRA: Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority
  • Gov: UK Government
  • KCC: Kent County Council

Not all services listed are statutory services.

Service Additional information Authority Department Agency Link
Benefits Gov Department for Work and Pensions
Bus subsidies for socially necessary, commercially non viable services KCC
Cemeteries ABC
Childcare and pre-school KCC
Council Tax collection ABC
Courts and Tribunals Gov Ministry of Justice Courts and Tribunals Service
Driving Driving licences Gov Department for Transport Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Highway Code, Driving Tests and safety regulation Gov Department for Transport Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
MOT tests
Vehicle registration Gov Department for Transport Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Vehicle Tax
Employment Employment rules Gov Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
Education National Curriculum Gov Department for Education
Schooling for children up to 19 or to 25 for those with special educational needs and disabilities KCC
Apprenticeships Gov Department for Education
Further Education Gov Department for Education
Higher Education
(Universities and Higher Education Colleges)
Gov Department for Education
Environmental Health Food Safety – registering and inspecting food premises ABC
Statutory nuisance – noise, light, bonfires, odour, etc. ABC
Litter ABC
Fly tipping ABC
Fire and public safety extinguishing fires FRA
protecting life and property in the event of fires FRA
rescuing and protecting people in the event of a road traffic collision FRA
rescuing and protecting people in the event of other emergencies FRA
Highways Motorways and trunk roads Gov Department for Transport Highways England
Highways England fault reporting
0300 123 5000
24-hour service
Other than motorways and trunk roads KCC
KCC Highways fault reporting
Housing Council housing ABC
Private rented housing enforcement ABC
Landscape management Highway Land – Motorways and trunk roads
Highway Land – Highways other than motorways and trunk roads including public footpaths and cycle paths KCC
ABC owned parks and open spaces ABC
Libraries KCC
Licensing Sale of alcohol, places of entertainment, taxis, street trading etc. ABC
Parking Car parks ABC
Parking enforcement ABC
Planning National planning policy Gov Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government
Housing need assessment calculation method
Planning Policy – minerals and waste KCC
Planning applications – minerals and waste and KCC sites KCC
Planning policy ABC
Submitting planning applications for residential and commercial development ABC
Viewing planning applications ABC
Power of attorney Make register or end a lasting power of attorney Gov Ministry of Justice Courts and Tribunals Service
Prisons and Sentences Gov Ministry of Justice Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service
Public Rights of Way KCC
Registration Birth, death, marriage, civil partnership, citizenship KCC
Refuse, Recycling and Waste
Waste management KCC
Household waste recycling centres KCC
Rubbish collection ABC
Social care Adult care and support KCC
Carers KCC
Children in care KCC
Adoption and fostering KCC
Child protection KCC
Child or adult abuse KCC
Trading standards KCC
Voting and elections Register to vote, check voter registration,
apply to vote by proxy or b post