Stour Watch

The River Stour gave Ashford its name and has influenced the development of the town from its origins in 893 AD. Ashford is at the confluence of the two rivers, The Great Stour, which rises north-west of Ashford near to Lenham, and East Stour, which rises south-east of Ashford at Postling,. Both rivers run through South Ashford before crossing under the railway close to Ashford International Station. They become one at the East Hill Mill but a weir connects them just in South Ashford, close to Station.

The risk from flooding has, until recently limited development in the immediate locality of the river but modern engineering and understanding has now allowed development to take place in the flood plain. Ashford Borough Council has however designated the route of the Great Stour a green corridor.

These pages will provide information regarding flood risk and the environment in the vicinity of both the Great Stour and the East Stour through South Ashford.

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