River Stour Environment

The map below shows the extent of the protected area referred to as The Green Corridor in South Ashford.

The Council’s Policies relating to development in and adjacent to the Green Corridor were ‘saved’ from the 2000 Local Plan.

EN13 The Council will protect and enhance the “green corridors” in Ashford. Measures to improve their appearance and nature conservation value, to provide access for pedestrians and cyclists, and suitable leisure facilities will be permitted provided they do not damage the “green corridor” environment, including the rivers and other watercourses.
Proposals for new buildings will not be permitted within the “green corridors” in Ashford – except in accordance with Development Site policies, or where the development would be ancillary to the open space use or other existing uses within them. Any development should not damage the
“green corridor” environment.

EN14 Development proposals on land adjoining the “green corridors” in Ashford will be permitted, provided they also make a positive contribution to the function and amenity value of these corridors – for example, by improving their appearance and habitat value, providing pedestrian and cycle routes and related leisure opportunities.

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