Site Rules

  1. The site is operated on, by or on behalf of South Ashford Community Forum (SACF).
  2. Posts and comments should relate to:
    1. the function of SACF, i.e.
      • represent the views of people living and working in the unparished area of South Ashford and to help communicate those views to Ashford Borough Council, Kent County Council and other statutory organisations, or
    2. its objectives
      1. To find out and represent the needs and aspirations of the community and to work with private, statutory and voluntary bodies to take any action as appropriate.
      2. To promote community spirit within the Community Forum boundaries (the community area as shown on the attached map).
      3. To be a means whereby the community is able to voice opinions on local matters, which affect their lives and wellbeing.
      4. To raise money and other resources necessary for fulfilment of the above.
  3. Comments should relate to the matter contained in the original post.
  4. Comments must not contain:
    • Subjects not related to the area served by SACF*.
    • Text shorthand and other abbreviated forms of writing
      (if acronyms or initials are used please give the full meaning on first use)
    • Offensive or threatening language (including swear words)
    • Potentially libellous accusations
    • Intentionally unconstructive, off-topic or disruptive comments (while we welcome differing views and debate, please be respectful of other users)
    • Advertising or promotion of products or services
    • Overtly political statements
    • Any form of gaming, lottery or betting
    • Any unlawful use of imagery that violates copyright or breach of a licence agreement
    • Any use of images that may be considered abusive, offensive, indecent or obscene or links to sites that may be offensive, indecent or obscene etc
  5. To avoid repetition and ensure that members have the opportunity to see all comments relating to any subject, please:
    • read previous comments and replies and
    • add your support or objection to existing comments rather than repeating comments
  6. The elected representatives and officers of councils and other statutory bodies aim to provide you with the best possible service within the constraints under which they operate. Whilst constructive criticism of them is welcomed, abusive comments against them, whether personally, generally or corporately will not be tolerated.
  7. Comments by staff of media organisations, linking to articles on social media accounts or websites of those organisations are not permitted.
  8. We will monitor this site to ensure that these simple rules are being followed. We will delete posts and comments that break these Guidelines.

* The SACF Area (the unparished area of South Ashford) comprises that part of Ashford to the South and West of the Charing Cross to Ashford and Ashford to Hastings railway lines that does not fall within the parishes of Great Chart with Singleton, Stanhope or Kingsnorth